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Best EMS Boots

​Getting Started...

For your everyday blue-collared worker, I am sure the footwear you throw on everyday before work first thing in the morning is a good quality boot. Whether you’re a construction worker, a heavy machinery operator, an electrician, a landscaper, or even a truck driver, supporting your feet is very important to your performance and comfort.

 The same goes, if not more so for Paramedics, First Responders and EMS workers. EMS workers are constantly on their feet, walking up and down stairs, jumping in an out of their emergency vehicles, and serving the public. Their shifts are long and grueling, and the last thing they need to deal with is sore, uncomfortable, sweaty, worn down feet.

The great thing about top quality EMS Boots is you can also use them of the job as well for many other situations and activities. Due to the high quality and durability of the EMS boots we will be taking a look at, they can be a very versatile tool. Activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, yard work, contracting or any other side work, EMS boots will get the job done.

Things to look for...

There are a number of qualities you should look for when choosing EMS Boots. Remember to take the time and do your research before purchasing EMS Boots. Let’s take a look at some of the main points to cover before deciding which boot will suit your EMS needs

1. ComfortWhen you work long hours on your feet, you are going to want to be comfortable. The more comfortable the boot is the easier it will be for you to get through the day. Uncomfortable boots that do not fit to your feet correctly can eventually cause blisters, pain and irritation which will affect your performance, especially if you already have an ailment such as plantar fasciitis. Comfort is key.

2. DurabilityIf you cannot rely on your boot to last, what good are they to you? You need to have an EMS Boot that you can trust will last through the job. Depending on your financial situation, you are probably better off spending a little bit more on a high quality boot that you know will last longer than spending less and having your boot deteriorate overnight.

         3. Lightweight Being able to perform at 100% from the start of your shift to the end of your shift will depend a lot upon how heavy your EMS Boots are. Obviously, the lighter your boot is the less energy you will expel throughout the day or night. Heavy boots can cause fatigue and clumsiness when moving around.

4. Waterproof/Moisture WickingEMS workers work hard, and are in very high pressure situations, so yes you guessed it, they sweat. Being able to stay dry will allow you to be comfortable and  perform your best.  Having an EMS Boot that can prevent water from entering the boot and wisp away sweat from the insider out will give you the best chance to be content while you work, so you can focus on the task at hand.

5. Traction Having the ability to grip to any terrain and stay grounded is very important. Slips and falls are very common in this line of work. Your safety is the number one priority in any line of emergency public safety.  EMS workers tend to find themselves in sticky situations as well, tight awkward positions trying to get a patient out, good grip will allow you to do so minus the injuries.

6. SupportSupport just like traction will help prevent any sprains or breaks to your ankles or even knees. This again is very important as you want to be to be at work, not booked off with injuries. Find a boot that will provide maximum support.

       7. Flexibility/AgilityThe more you can bend and move the more useful you are on the job.  Ask any EMT or Paramedic, stiff boots are a big disadvantage when it comes to your performance.  EMS Boots that allow you a full range of motion will help you when in a tight squeeze or pinch.

Best EMS Boots

How about we take a look at my 5 top rated, Best EMS Boots on the market today shall we....?

Top 5 Rated EMS BOOTS

1. Rocky Men's 8 Inch 1st Med 911-113 Puncture Resistant Work Boot

This is a boot that transcends all other boots for paramedics and EMT’s, it is truly an amazing breakthrough in EMS Boots. If you have a career in the emergency medical field, this is a boot you should definitely consider, really consider. The outer coating is blood borne pathogen resistant, preventing any infections or contamination. The carbon fibre safety toe provides the same amount of protection as a steel toe, but weighs half as much

Constructed with natural full grain nylon and leather mesh for perfect agility, this boot has the flexibility to get you around from “A” to “B” no problem. The Rocky First Med’s interior is waterproof and moisture wicking so it will keep your feet cool and dry in all types of situations. In fact, the whole boot, bottom, interior, exterior, is completely waterproof. The side zipper provides easy, quick on off application. The slip resistant traction of the Rocky First Med provides maximum stability in any type of terrain or environment

Overall you really cannot go wrong with this boot. It is one of the top ranked Best EMS Boots on the market and for all the bang this boot will provide you, its worth the bucks. The Rocky First Med will satisfy all your needs as an EMS worker and more, you can’t go wrong

​2. 5.11 Men's A.T.A.C. 6" Side Zip Boot

One of my favorite boots for EMS workers, they are both highly functional and surprisingly innovative. Lightweight, comfortable and durable, these pair of boots will keep you light on your feet for those long days and longer night shifts.

The breathable padding is offers anti-bacterial moisture wicking lining to keep your feet cool and dry in any climate you might be working in. With shock mitigation coupled with oil and slip-resistant outsole, you’ll be fully protected while avoiding disastrous slips. 

The hightop style offers lots of support and protects ankles from harmful elements and objects which you’ll surely encounter on-scene. The boots adhere to OSHA and ASTM standard, plus a warranty against any defects you might encounter in materials

The 5.11 Mens A.T.A.C. 6” Side Zip Boot is an excellent overall boot which in fact I use to own a pair and very much enjoyed using them. They lasted me over 2 years in the Fire Service and never wore down. I never had any issues with this boot and had full trust that they would perform to my needs. They come in a wide variety of sizes,  they even have a E-Wide feet option which in fact I had as well.  A great boot, a solid price.

3.Bates Ultra-Lites 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Work Boot

If you are concerned about safety and protection not only of your feet but also your ankles and shins,  then an efficient pair of EMS Boots to provide you with these qualities is the Bates Ultra-Lites Tactical Boot.

Made from top-quality Wolverine Warrior leather and denier ballistic nylon, not only are these boots very lightweight and very flexible, they are also very solid, durable and sustainable that will last you a long time.

These boots are very comfortable and easy to maintain. You can spend many hours and your feet will not fatigue or sore due to its heavily cushioned removable insert and reinforced EVA midsole.

These Ultra Lites have a rubber slip-resistant outsole for fantastic grip no matter where you are. The side zip allows quick in and out ability. Waterproof, and a breathable lining for top quality ventilation will keep your feet cool and dry.

4. ​Danner Men's Acadia 8" Boot

Danner is one of the most well-known, all-around top quality engineer’s of all types of boots, including some of the Best EMS Boots on the market today. Never seeming to fail or let anyone down, Danner always offers an outstanding product. The Danner Acadia 8’ Boot is another outstanding boot built to work and work and work and work. 

The Danner Acadia 8’ Boot is constructed with water-proof materials such as full-grain waterproof leather. It also features 1000 Denier Cordura nylon and Dry-lex Moisture wicking lining to keep your feet breathing and dry. The Gore-tex breathable liner just adds to the ventilation of whoever is wearing them

Another fantastic feature about this boot is its ability to support and protect the user’s feet and ankles with its 8” fiberglass shaft. You will not have to worry about spraining your ankle in these beauties. The puncture-resistant steel plate midsole will keep you safe if you happen to walking somewhere with sharp needles or anything that may puncture and cause harm to your health.

The Danner Acadia has some of the best traction in the business with its superior outsole and shock-absorbing characteristics. These boots are great for any environments that may be slippery or rugged as you will stay grounded and stable.

​ This boot comes in many variety of sizes and is also available for women in their sizes.  The Danner Acadia 8” is guaranteed to last and provide maximum support for any Emergency Medical Workers.

5. Blunstone 5-10 Slip on Boots

These boots are excellent for any type of first response worker. They are quick and easy to take on and off and very popular throughout many work forces. People are quick to note how comfortable and durable these Blunstones are. 

Manufactured from black top of the line oil-tanned leather, the elastic sided Blunstone 510 Slip-On Boots have some of the best comfort in the business today. These boots hold up from their high-quality material, even after long periods of time, so you can be confident that they will stay comfortable for a long time. Basically waterproof, your feet will stay dry along with its breathe-ability.

Your feet will not get sore as they have an excellent insole providing maximum support,  and they prevent knee and lower back pain from its ability to absorb shocks and shifts in heavy weight. Your feet will still stay protected with all of its features. Top protection often sacrifices heavyweight, not the Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boots. They are quite light in weight and will not lack in the ability to perform and provide dexterity for its user.

It is very difficult to find a boot that has it all and all for a very good price that matches what the Blunstone 5-10 has. This boot is not too expensive and still offers everything an EMS Responder would want from his or her work boot. Not in one quality does it come close to lacking any sort of weakness. For the long hard hours you put in day and night, stay protected and comfortable. The Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boot is my favorite, and many other emergency personnel around the globe.


Best EMS Boots

It is a very tough job as an EMS worker, you are constantly seeing the worst of people’s everyday lives. It is very demanding emotionally, mentally and physically. You need to be a strong person inside and out and have a strong desire to be the best you can be. By having a pair of the Best EMS Boots, not only will you have to confidence that your feet will be dry, comfortable and not sore at the end of a long shift, you will know no matter what the day or night shift bring you, you will have to support necessary underneath you to get you through it. 

Best Tactical Boots


Also known as military or combat boots, “Tactical Boots” are a hot commodity these days targeting many different types of customers. Plenty of customers means plenty of options for Tactical Boots. Companies such as Blackhawk, Magnum Elite, Original SWAT, Bates, Tactical Research, Altama, Belleville, Reebok, Nike, Converse, Rothco, Rocky and Danner are only a few of well-known brands that are on the market today. 

Although people may think Tactical Boots are only for people in the military or some form of law enforcement, this is far from the truth. Yes, Tactical Boots are specialized for Military and law enforcement personnel, but these boots can also be used for daily casual use.

Most Tactical boots offer many of the same qualities and features, but there are differences in each style of boot and its purpose. When it comes to Tactical Boots for law enforcement, public service, military, navy, or even the air force, these boots need to be well-built , dependable, secure, flexible and durable to support them in the most dangerous of environments and uncomfortable of conditions. 

Best Tactical Boots

If you are on your feet all day working hard you can begin to get aches and pains in all parts of your lower body, even your lower back. The good news is that Tactical Boots supply maximum comfort and support eliminating foot pain and lower body pain due to its modern, high-quality material and support construction.

If you enjoy the outdoors and things such as fishing, hunting, hiking and camping, you will be able to stay grounded and confident with Tactical Boots. Tactical Boots are built with top of the line support systems and relentless grip that will stay strong in all types of hazardous terrains. They can keep you cool and dry with moisture wicking technology, or even warm and dry in colder climates.

Choosing the “Best Tactical Boot” is not always easy, as there is so many solid boots and brands to choose from.  Make sure you go through these important characteristics before buying your Tactical Boots. If they meet majority of the qualities, you will know you have picked a solid Tactical Boot

Things to look for...

1. Comfortable This is obvious, you need to be comfortable on your feet. The last thing you need is your feet to start cramping up.

2. Durable – If you cant trust your boots, what good are they? Make sure they are built to last.

3. Lightweight Last longer and be more mobile. Prevent fatigue and pick a light boot.

4. Solid Grip/Traction – You don’t want to be slipping/falling and injuring yourself during highly classified operation or carrying that 25Ibs Chinook Salmon back up to the campsite. Luckily most Tactical boots are built with great grip/traction

5. Flexible – Dexterity is key, especially for special ops/military personnel. Having a Tactical Boot that can move and bend impressively like yourself is very important to prevent limitations of movement.

6.  Breathable No one wants to deal with athletes foot and the end of the day. Keep dry and your feet will thank you.

7. Waterproof – Whether you are a fisherman or a soldier, you may need to roam some mucky environments such as streams, ponds or bogs. You want a Tactical boot that will keep out mud, oil and water

8. Protection – Finally we don’t need any broken toes, feet or sprained ankles. Make sure that you get a boot with a high safety rating that will protect you from injury. This is one of the most important qualities to a Tactical Boot

Here are 5 of the “Best Tactical Boots” on the market today....


1. Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex

Probably the first thing you will notice when putting on the Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex is how incredibly comfortable they are. These boots provide never-ending comfort from the minute you put them on until you finally take them off.  You Also will not have to worry about taking a tumble with these boots on. They have amazing grip/traction that will keep you grounded.  If you are into the outdoors, this boot is for you.

The side zip is great for quick in and outs and look pretty cool too. These boots definitely have style on their side, a very nice looking boot. They also will keep you cool and dry with their moisture wicking technology.

​If you want comfort, durability, style and a high quality built boot, the Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen Flex is for you.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boot

Designed to withstand any environment and conditions, the Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boot can handle anything from the blazing heat of the desert sun to the freezing glaciers of the arctic. Due to Adidas ability to design Tactical Boots with some of the best breathability in the business, you do not have to worry about cold temperatures or filling your boot with sweat.

These boots have excellent traction and grip able to handle all types of terrains. This is a great boot for anyone on duty as well as outdoor people hiking, camping, fishing and trekking. Unlike Gore-Tex Boots though, the Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boot does not breath as well in hot and cold temperatures.

That being said, the Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boot is a fantastic tactical boot and great for anyone looking for safe comfortable boots.

3. 5.11 ATAC 8 Inch Men’s Boot

This is a very popular boot for a number of reasons. The 5.11 ATAC 8 Inch Men’s Boot are tough, strong, provide excellent support and do not sacrifice comfort doing so. These boots are known for their outstanding capability of handling all types of strain and do not wear down. You will not have to worry about lack of support with these boots, stay strong and grounded.

The 5.11 ATAC 8 Inch Men’s Boot are very lightweight, adding some much needed dexterity and agility to anyone needing it. Manufactured with top quality leather material and extra padding, these boots give you maximum comfort. You can also keep money, tools and or valuables in the side zipper hidden pocket, just one more awesome feature.

4. Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Side-Zip Military Boot

One of the most superior technically superior tactical boots on the market today, the Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Side-Zip Military Boot both meets and exceeds all standards. This tough Gore-Tex boot is perfect for anyone in public safety, military, navy or airforce. The side Zip is great for firefighters needing to get in and OUT of their boots quickly, and it will keep your feet and ankle supported preventing fatigue and soreness. That being said, you can also buy these boots for your casual leisure for everyday outdoor activities.

The Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Side-Zip Military Boot is well-known for is well designed waterproof leather and nylon upper. It has a slip resistant rubber outsole providing superb traction and grip in any brutal terrain you may encounter. The EVA midsole and custom comfort insole provide excellent comfort, preventing you toes and heels from getting sore over having your boots on extensive periods of time.

For a well rounded, comfortable durable waterproof boot, look no further than the Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Side-Zip Military Boot.

5. Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot

This is one of the lightest tactical boots on the market today. The Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot is very comfortable and offers top of the line ankle and foot support for those people working hard on their feet all day. They are highly water-resistant, very breathable and built tough to avoid damage and abrasions seperating it from the pack of your average tactical boots.

Built with Vibram outsole, Ortholite anti-microbial and washable footbed, Cordura upper, Dri-Lex lining, SympaTex waterproof technology and forged with full grain leather. Your feet will stay dry and cool with the breathable insoles in the Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot.

You do not have to worry about durability of these boots, they are built to last and do not lose their comfort from lots of use. The Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot have great grip and traction, and will keep your ankles strong and supported due to a reinforced upper.


Best tactical boots

​If you want to be at the best of your abilities in whatever it is you do, you need to be properly equipped. From law enforcement to first responders, special military ops to entry level training, you can perform better and with the confidence if you are rocking top quality gear you can count on. I hope this site has given you some good tips and knowledge so you can pick the best tatical boots to meet your needs. Do more and get ahead, don't be left behind. Tactical boots are there for you, so choose yours wisely.

Best Military Boots


Brave men and women everyday defend our country and what it stands for on the front lines, our military personnel. These people are well equipped to tackle any enemy or crisis they may face. Having the Best Military Boots underneath them supporting their every move makes Military Operations that much more effortless. Having trust that your boots can support your every move and will not let the atmosphere and surroundings dictate your actions is imperative.

There are plenty of high-end military boots to choose from that all offer top quality materials and top quality performance. Relatively well priced, the Best Military Boots will allow you to purchase and still save. New technologies are developed everyday and new boots designed every year. Best of all is the overall quality of modern Military Boots. This is all capable from modern science high end engineering.

Not just for Military personnel.....

One thing to keep in mind is not only can Military Boots be used in the line of duty, they can also be used casually for everyday use. Military Boots are specialized for Soldiers and the job they perform, but because of the quality and diverse characteristics found in Military Boots, they can offer many other uses too! Keychain Multi-tools also have many uses and can be very handy for military and emergency services personnel!

Military Boots can be used for those who love to camp, fish hunt and hike. These boots are tough enough and provide rock solid support. Always built with sturdy grip/traction so they will not slip even on the most hazardous of terrains. Military Boots will keep your feet dry due to the state-of-the-art moisture wicking technology so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or even worse developing a pesky case of athletes foot. If you are looking for a military boot great for running, check out our Best Military Running Boots article!

1. Rothco Desert Tan Speedlace Jungle Boot

Due to the nature of Military work, they provide maximum support and comfort, eliminating nagging aches and pains in your feet, legs and lower back. Especially if you are in a run down with an enemy, you don’t want to have to worry about a stupid blister on the back of your gnarled heel.

These Boots are for anyone starting out in the military looking for something affordable. Remember, you get what you pay for. That being said, these boots are excellent for beginners. Featuring a heavyweight nylon/suede leather upper and padded collar, you will have the support needed to begin your journey in the military.

The Rothco Desert Tan Speedlace Jungle Boot offers a removable cushion insole for exceptional comfort. The non-slip “Panama” sole provides well rounded grip and traction. Reinforced stitching helps prevent abrasions. Your feet may get a little warm as these boots don’t provide the greatest breathability, that being said, it’s nothing you cant handle.

A great boot starting out, Try the Rothco Desert Tan Speedlace Jungle Boot and don’t break the bank. This boot is great purchase if you are on the fence deciding whether or not the military is for you. At least this way you will know you can always upgrade if need be.

2. Garmont Men's T8 Bifida Boots

If you are worried about your feet being riddled with blisters, or sore knees/lower body, the Garmont T8 Bifida Boots are designed to absorb high impact and support every step you take with the Vibram Bifida sole for maximum comfort. A very popular boot for the military because of their sturdy stability and reinforced insole providing maximum support. For optimal comfort check out the Most Comfortable Tactical Boots!

These boots have been engineered with new high-tech materials and extensive manufacturing strategies. Amazing in all terrains, this new boot have a new quick-dry formula to keep your feet cool and dry. Slipping is almost completely eliminated with tapered nylon and a woven footboard.

Nothing but outstanding reviews for the Garmont Men’s T8 Bifida Boot. Take your game to the next level, don’t be left behind. These boots are sure to meet, if not exceed your expectations

3. Danner Men's Tachyon 8" Military Boot

This new boot is the lightest Danner has to offer. A top choice of the Danner brand and military personnel everywhere. Not only do these boots offer exceptional comfort, they also offer some of the best durability in the business. The new rough-out leather offers top quality performance without sacrificing feel. It has a 3-layer comfort system making it feel like a brand new pair of running shoes. Mobility is top of the line.

Designed to be and extension of the foot with outstanding forefoot and heel capture is in the new DLE-01. There is now extra space in the toebox letting the foot naturally react when carrying heavy loads, high impacts or sudden direction changes in high-stress atmospheres and environments.

Grip your way to new terrains with the Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” Military Boot. A top pick worldwide, this boot has everything you need ready to pack some major punch. Don’t hesitate on the battle ground. Get this top military boot for a great price. Quality meets affordability.

4. Blackhawk Men's Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots

Built to perform, The Desert Ops Boots will get you where you are going in a hurry maintaining a comfortable feel and dry and cool feet. Featherlight, these breathable boots have water-resistant CORDURA panels and abrasion-resistant suede upper. A top choice among military personnel.

The moisture wicking Dri-Lex inner lining will keep you dry and comfortable in the most treacherous of environments. When your trekking through the desert with heavy loads of a full pack, the new Nylon shank for additional support will help keep you strong on your feet. Dirt and rocks slipping into your boot are not a problem anymore either with the fully gusseted tongue preventing anything getting inside.

There is plenty to be excited about with the Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boot. You can have the confidence that no matter where your mission takes you, your feet will remain cool, dry, fully supported and gripping to whatever terrain rests beneath you.

5. Beleville TR102 Tactical Research Minimalist Training Boot

Designed for conditioned military athletes, The Beleville TR102 Minimalist Training Boot have a 5mm slant from heel to forefoot (MINI-MiL) training in minimalist footwear. At less than 2Ibs a pair, not only are these boots highly breathable for maximum comfort, they are very lightweight to provide exceptional dexterity and mobility. These slip resistant boots have a rubber outsole and tripled stitch seam for rugged durability and abrasion resistance.

These boots are constructed with high quality leather and a Vibram sole making these boots truly one of the most comfortable and flexible training boots on the market. Now featuring an exlcusive Vibram “Tarsus’ oil and slip resistant rubber, you will have ultimate grip and traction. Being sturdy on your feet is never a problem with these solid boots. Kiss sore feet and knees goodbye because of the padded Achilles support for maximum lower body protection.

These training military boots have been getting outstanding reviews from all types of athletes training in the Military. Be efficient and confident, the Beleville TR102 Tactical Research Minimalist Training Boot will get you there.

In Conclusion....

We have to make sure that we do everything we can to be fully functional when in dangerous and high life-threatening situations. The Military requires top of the line people ready to sacrifice their lives for our freedoms and rights. So why should we not be 100% confident that the gear we dawn and doff is not the best possible quality out there. Everyone in the Military should be equipped with the best possible military boots on the market, no exceptions.

Best Military Boots

Remember that there is endless options, all full of quality, durability, affordability and mobility. These top military boots mentioned have been tested in the field and proven on the brave men and woman in battle. You can be confident in all these boots listed that they will do the job and do it properly. Get out there and have no doubt in your mind that you are truly prepared to face whatever comes your way

Best Firefighter Station Boots

Firefighters are amongst some of the bravest, most humble hard working individuals in this day and age. They work long hard hours, at times all throughout the night, not get any shut eye, constantly on their feet. It is very demanding profession, emotionally, mentally and of course physically. 

In order to be able to be able to be productive and maintain a solid foundation, firefighters need footwear that can handle long punishing hours at the station. When it comes to the best firefighter station boots, there are some things you need to insure are provided.



1. Comfortable – working sometimes up to 24hrs straight, you need to have a boot that can provide maximum comfort from the first second you boot on your boot until the final 24th hour you take your boots off.  If you are comfortable, your feet are happy, which means you are happy

2. Durable – You need to know that your firefighter station boots are going to last and be able to handle the work you are performing. Your station boots will take a beating and if they are not up for the task, they shouldn’t be on your feet. The last thing you need is your station boots failing on you, causing some sort of foul up, or even worse, a pointless injury putting you out of duty for who knows how long.

3. Lightweight – Having a pair of firefighter station boots that feel like you are wearing brand new top of the line runners is essential when deciding what boots to go with. This will prevent fatigue and increase your energy throughout the day. Remember the long hours these guys and girls put in? Well having a feather-light station boot is going to make you an all-star.

4. Quick “On and Off” ability – Anyone who is a firefighter, whether it be a volunteer in a small community, a paid on call in a mid-sized city, or a full time professional firefighter in New York City, knows you need to be able to put take your firefighter station boots on and off immediately when the tones go off. You cannot be sitting there wasting precious and valuable time stumbling around trying to get your boots off, people’s lives LITERALLY depend on you responding as a fast as possible. This is a very, very important quality to a firefighter station boot.

5. Supportive – If your firefighter station boot cannot support you, how can you support yourself? Or your team mates around you expecting you to be able to help out whenever needed.  Having a boot with the ability to keep you grounded and supported is a must. 

6. Flexible – Sometimes you will find yourself in some pretty hairy situations as a firefighter and you will not nessaccerly be in your bunker gear. You need to be able to move, twist, and bend in all ways and you do not want a station boot that is going to restrict your mobility.  Your agility, dexterity and ability to move will definitely help your performance throughout a long hard day.

7. Waterproof/Moisture wicking – As a firefighter, working long hard hours and constantly on your feet, yes you will sweat and yes there is water involved in the profession. That being said, you will need a boot that allows your feet to breath, and one that will keep water from soaking through. Keeping your feet cool and dry prevents athletes foot and discomfort, allowing you to perform and be happy doing it. Happy feet equals happy a happy you equals a happy firefighter equals a happy community. 

best firefighter station boots

 Now lets take a look at 5 of the top Firefighter Station Boots on the market today....

Top 5 Firefighter Station Boots...

 1.       5.11 Tactical Men’s Company 2.0 Boot

Here is a Firefighter station boot that is the full package. The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Company 2.0 Boot has a lot to offer. This is a great comfortable, lightweight and supportive boot.  The Quick Call collar and kick plate feature provide excellent on/off ability. The long hours will not be a problem due to the injection-molded phylon midsole, composite shank and OrthoLite sockliner providing top of the line stability and comfort.

Built with full-grain leather and an antibacterial and moisture-wicking liner, the 5.11 Tactical Men’s Company 2.0 Boot have both amazing durability and keep your feet dry for the long hall. Do not worry about slipping on an oil spill or residual water left over after filling the tank in your engine because your probie screwed up, the oil/slip resistant outsole, climbing lugs and multidirectional traction lugs provide superior traction and excellent mobility.

This boot has it all. Keep in mind, you do not have to break the bank either with these boots. You pay for a good boot and you get an EXCELLENT boot that will last you a long time. 

2.       Danner Men’s Station Office 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot

I know this boot has “office” and “law enforcement” in its title, but don’t be fooled, this boot is much more than an office or law enforcement boot. It is very diverse with its purposes, multi-purposes.

Even though it is ideal for cops, it is also ideal for uniformed professionals such as paramedics, security workers and firefighters. It has an excellent slip on and off feature providing a quick response to whatever the day brings. You will stay dry your feet will breathe easily with the Danner Men’s Station Office 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot due to its moisture-wicking spacer mesh lining.  The full-grain leather offers exceptional durability, able to withstand the toughest of environments and can be quickly cleaned and polished, perfect for anyone on the floor of a fire hall.

​A good boot for a good price, The Danner Men’s Station Office 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot will be there for you right from your first step.

3.       Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Work Boot

This is a top of the line firefighter station boot. Everything from durability, to comfort, to lightweight to breathable, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Work Boot will not let you down in any situation.

Prevent sore feet with its shock-absorbing polyurethane heel and forepart pads on the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate insert. Full-grain leather and ballistic nylon upper provide maximum durability for any terrain or environment you find yourself in. The nylon side zipper with leather tab offers solid on/off ability.  You do not have to worry about slips and falls with its Ultra-Lites rubber outsole being oil and slip resistant. These awesome boots are weigh only 23oz creating a lightweight feel to a boot that will keep your protected.

One of the most popular boots on the market, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Work Boot is a little bit more expensive than others, but trust me it will not disappoint. This boot will last and will not let you down.

4.       Thorogood Men`s 8 inch Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex

This is a boot with outstanding comfort. And yes, if you want, you can jump around in them too.  Along with that comfort comes maximum support and durability, so you can be confident that your will perform properly on your feet.

Solid leather welted together makes these boots easy to polish and very strong. Reinforced uppers and linings from its core Goodyear Welt Construction process, make theses boots super supportive.

Gen Ex rubber lug outsoles and oil and slip-resistant traction will keep you on your feet and not face first in the dirt. Even in the harshest environments and pounding of long hours, the built in toe cap and heel counter will keep your feet safe and healthy. This boot is moisture-wicking and lightweight, so your feet stay dry and not fatigued. Be in and out of your boots in a jiff with the side-zip feature for ultra quickness at work. This is also a great boot for police and law enforcement officers.

​So remember, if you want comfort, durability and a boot that will support you and your long hours, the Thorogood Men`s 8 inch Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex is an excellent choice.

5.       Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boots

This boot is my personal favorite. I have been a professional firefighter now for 4 years (yes I know not that long) with 2 years of volunteer experience. I have tried, believe it or not, many station boots. I have yet to find a boot that is as comfortable, durable, flexible, supportive, lightweight and affordable than these bardown beauties.

Manufactured from black top of the line oil-tanned leather, the elastic sided Blunstone 510 Slip-On Boots have maximum comfort. Even after long periods of time, these boots hold up from their high-quality material, so you can be confident that they will stay comfortable for a long time. Very water resistant, your feet will stay dry along with its breathability.

They have an excellent insole providing maximum support, so your feet will not get sore and they prevent lower back and knee pain from its ability to absorb shocks and heavy weight transfers. Even with all of its features, your feet will still stay protected. Top protection often sacrifices heavyweight, not the Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boots. They are generously lightweight will not lack in agility and performance.

I have yet to find a boot that has it all and all for a very good price. This boot is affordable and offers everything a firefighter would want from his station boot. For every quality, it doesn’t lack a weakness. Last long out there, and stay protected and comfortable. The Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boot is my favorite, and many other firefighters and emergency personnel around the globe.


So whether you are a probie running around all day cleaning the pissers, putting on coffee, mopping the floors, shining the engines tires, cooking lunch for the boys and taking out the garbage, or you are a 30 year Captain running the show, teaching the youngsters, doing some paperwork, and being the Incident Command on scene, remember that a proper firefighter station boot will go a long way in supporting your feet and your performance in long hours. There are many good options out there for all types of people and feet. It truly is the best job in the world, why not make it a little better, with an awesome pair of firefighter station boots!

Best Firefighter Station Boots

Best Combat Boots


When it comes to choosing a top of the line combat boots that will satisfy your needs, you must be aware of two main things, what environment will you be wearing these combat boots, and what are you wearing these combat boots for. Once you have determined these two questions you can then proceed to narrow it down to a specific boot that will be your best friend no matter where they take you. You do not have to worry about having a slim selection, combat boots come in every style possible to conquer any atmosphere or situation.

Obviously, if you are a US Marine on a top secret mission, you will probably have different combat boots than if you are an outdoorsman going for a hike in beautiful landscapes of Montana. Or a security guard at a big event in New York, to emergency services personnel, there is a combat boot for anyone anywhere.

Now, there are a few characteristic points we should go over to make sure you are picking the proper combat boot. Let`s quickly go over some key points to find you the BEST combat boot.

Things to look for...

1. Weight

If your boots are too heavy, fatigue your legs, and do not allow you the proper mobility and reaction time you need to get the job done, whatever that may be, then you are in for a world of hurt my friend, literally.

Good news is most combat boots are offered in lightweight construction allowing you to stay strong throughout the day with them on. Depending on the combat boots are designed for, you can get a heavy construction for maximum protection or a feather-light construction with sustainable protection for military personnel needing to be quick to react.

2. Construction

If you have a boot built well, not only will it last longer, it will protect you better as well. That being said, construction and weight, usually go hand in hand. Luckily with technology these days combat boots can be built both tough and lightweight. A well constructed combat boot is key for anyone wanting to make the most of them.

For the most part, leather combat boots will be a little bit more expensive than synthetic boots. If your wallet permits you, go for the leather built combat boots, the extra durability will go a long way. If not, stick with the synthetic or nylon or combinations are even offered, these will be just fine

3. Toe Protection

Having toe protection is an important consideration when purchasing your combat boots. Steel toe boots help protect your feet and toes from all types of injuries and are very handy in the workforce. They will however add some extra weight to the boot, not a sufficient amount though to prevent you from not being able to perform high demanding physical tasks.

Soft toe boots will not offer a good amount of protection for your feet and toes, they will however be lighter. If you are not concerned so much about protection and more so flexibility, lightweight and agility, a soft toe boot might be your best option.

4. Ankle Length Cut

The height and length of the cut of combat boots will establish the level of ankle support your receive. In most combat boots the length of the cut is at least above the ankle, providing enough support to allow you to perform most tasks.

Higher cuts will give you more support but may restrict your mobility to a certain degree.

A lower cut, less ankle support but your mobility will not be compromised. It is mostly personal preference when it comes to the cut of combat boots your prefer.

5. Environment

First you are going to want to determine where and what you will be wearing your combat boots for. If you are in a moist wet swampy jungle environment you will need a boot with very sufficient waterproofing. If your boots get waterlogged you will not be as effective and your boots will deteriorate.

If you are in a hotter, dryer desert environment, you will require a combat boot that provides excellent breathability and moisture wicking properties. You do not want your feet getting hot and sweaty effecting your performance and potentially causing athletes foot. Find a boot that best fits your needs.


1. Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot

If you want to be quick on your feet, this is the boot for you. This boot was constructed to not only satisfy its lightweight as a feature, but as a full on requirement. The Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot is one of the lightest combat boots on the market today.

This combat boot is constructed with athletic strobe stitching along with the VIBRAM Incisor outsole for ultimate flexibility, stability and outstanding traction. It has medial and lateral dual ventilation zones for excellent breathability, keeping your feet dry and cool.

The insole has a polyurethane removable insert, providing great comfort and the option to choose another insert. The Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot is an excellent choice for people looking for high performance out of both themselves and their combat boots and it is not too expensive either.

2. Belleville Tactical Research 'TR103 Minimalist Training Boot

This is a combat boot designed for the ultimate well conditioned athlete training in minimalist athletic footwear. It features a 5mm drop from the heel of the boot to the toe. Weighing less than 2Ibs per pair, the Belleville Tactical Research Minimalist Training Boot is lightweight and also features a highly breathable, quick-drying inner for maximum comfort.

With an upper made out of grain leather, the molded single density EVA insole and the tough VIBRAM long-lasting outsole providing maximum traction, this is a combat boot made for people ready to achieve the next level and put their work in.

Belleville has a great reputation and has been desigining exceptional combat boots for some time now. This boot is made to satisfy your every need, from comfort, waterproofing, durability, lightweight and affordable. Don`t wait, strap these beauties on and reach that next level.

3. Garmont T8 NFS Lightweight Boot (Desert Tan)

If you haven`t noticed, lightweight is a very important and popular characteristic of having a great combat boot. This is a combat boot designed for maximum speed and agility. This lightweight high performance combat boot gives you top quality comfort and protection under robust loads and extensive periods of time on your feet.

The Garmont T8 NFS Lightweight Boot (Desert Tan) also offers great ventilation and breathability with its durable upper construction. It is built with quick-dry materials and are excellent in a wet muddy climate to help keep your feet dry. They have excellent traction and will not wear and tear over time.

For an all around great lightweight boot, the Garmont T8 NFS Lightweight Boot (Desert Tan) will satisfy all your needs and give you the confidence you need to perform in whatever mission you are assigned to.

4. Danner Tachyon Lightweight Military Boot

Anything Danner is always going to be a good choice. They have been one of the top and most popular brands in combat boots for a long time. Wit the Danner Tachyon Lightweight Military Boot (Desert Tan) you will get everything you need in a combat boot and the quality to know that they will last and never let you down in combat.

The synthetic upper is completely re-designed for great weight savings and more support, not to mention its ultra-fast dry time. These boots are very comfortable due to its speed lacing and 3-layer comfort system.

They have an excellent traction system for the best grip in the business so you do not have to worry about taking a tumble if the private behind you pulls a bad joke.

Remember, Danner build the best combat boots available on the market. Danner equals quality, which means you may have to spend a little more for your combat boots than other suppliers. That being said, you can trust your are making a very good investment in your performance and well being on the battle ground in Danner combat boots.

5. Blackhawk Warrior Wear DesertOps Boots (Desert Tan)

For a lightweight, fast and maximum comfort combat boot, go with the Blackhawk Warrior Wear DesertOps Boots (Desert Tan). These boots last long, water-resistant, durable, great support, breathable and perform comfortably.

The Vibram `multisport`oil-resistant outsole offers exceptional traction on difficult surfaces due to its large open lugs built for dodging debris. While dodging that debris you don’t have to worry about anything entering your boot either as the fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from entering the boot. Not only are these boots super lightweight, they provide some of the best protection and support in the industry.


Best Combat Boots

So remember, when picking your combat boots, look into the boots weight, construction, toe format, ankle cut and environment it will used in. There are many combat boots to choose from and many of these are good choices. In this day and age the majority are built with well rounded materials and are very lightweight. In the end it comes down to how much money you have in your wallet to spare and your personal preference. Don`t be left behind in the heat of combat, lead the way and get the best possible combat boot to take charge. Be a warrior, combat boots are the first step.

Best Police Boots

Best Police Boots

Best Police Boots

Everyday we are fortunate enough to have the protection of law enforcement, keeping people and their homes safe. These brave individuals put their lives on the line every day.

It would only be fitting that these heroes have the comfort, durability and reliability of a high quality police boots to keep them strong and light on their feet, prepared to react. Put yourself in their shoes, literally.

Could you imagine being in a intensely high pressure situation where your life and the lives of others are potentially on the line, you are going to want your gear to perform, especially in terms of your mobility.

Having this confidence in your boots is imperative to your performance and overall clear state of mind. 

Comfortable Police Boots

Police boots come in numerous varieties and brands such as Nike (yes Nike), Converse, Under Armour, Blackhawk, Original SWAT, Reebok and Altama are just a few to start. These police boots, in order to be of high significance to a law enforcement official, must be strong, reliable, comfortable, durable and ready to take on the unpredictable and often harsh environments that a police officer faces daily keeping us Americans safe.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Police Boots...

Not only are police boots used by policemen, these boots are also used by SWAT teams, Military personnel, Paramedics, Firefighters and everyday hardworking men and women.

The police boots are designed and built so able-bodied that you wont even know you have on a high-quality police boot. These are the babies that are going to be with you in every high risk emergency you find yourself in, so make sure you pick them wisely and have a little insight on what to pick before you purchase.

By reading this article, you will have just that. Remember, Policemen work long hard hours, are constantly on their feet, and sometimes have these boots on for over 14hrs straight, comfort is KEY!!!  

And if you want EXTRA added comfort consider getting insoles.

Like many good Americans, we enjoy nice hike in the back country of Montana, fishing on the rivers of Washington, going on hunting excursions in the mountainous terrains of Colorado, camping along the coast of Oregon, or going on beautiful hikes along the rolling hills of California. And what is ALWAYS important in all these scenarios? Yep, you guessed it – Boots. Like I said before, these top end police boots are up for the task for virtually anything.

If you want to prevent injuries, plantar fasciitis and improve your performance on your feet, getting a solid pair of good quality police boots can help you achieve your goals and be confident in doing so.

Police Boots for all Climates...

For us down in the south, we understand how temperatures can get sizzling well beyond comfortable. The last thing you want to deal with after chasing down a crook is moldy athletes’ foot. Not to worry, Police boots come in breathable styles designed to help keep you dry. Mesh and SuperFabric are used to assist in ventilation of the feet. Now you can work hard, get the job done and stay cool doing so.

Nobody enjoys a rainy day; the grey, the wetness, everything sucks. At least you know you will be able to keep dry in Police Boots built with VIBRAM high performance rubber. You stay dry and you stay grounded as this material is anti-slip and fortified with extra grip technology to allow safe, efficient police operations in the worst of conditions. VIBRAM high performance rubber has come a long way and is something you can count on.

Don’t sacrifice a sprained ankle, or torn groin because you don’t want to spend the extra dollar and a high quality boot. Remember that high quality boots will not only support you physically but will support your job performance as well. Spend a few more Benjamin’s on a top of the line Police Boot and they will last longer, and so will you on duty. Your safety is priority #1. All these prestigious Police Boots come with steadfast warranties so you can stay confident no matter what situation presents itself.

Style isn’t a part of police boots is it? You’re wrong! Police boots come in many different colors including black, grey, beige, camo, brown, dark green ect. There are also a variety of styles including low cut, high cut, athletic designs and more. They have many shape parameters to fit every size and shape of feet – minimalist, zero drop, youth size, extra wide, knee high, narrow width and wide feet. Variety is never short when it comes to police boots, the options are incredibly vast making shopping for police boots quite exciting!

Best Police Boot Reviews...

1. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot

The most well reviewed and popular boot is the Rocky C4T Tactical Boot. These boots rated highest in breathability, comfort and flexibility. They have excellent lightweight features increasing you security and mobility, even more so than the Danner Boots.

Highly water resistant and quick dry technology allow these boots to be versatile in any type of environment. You will feel like you are rocking a new pair of top quality running shoes with no restrictions to swiftness and agility. Very popular in style as well, so if you are concerned about looking good while kicking ass, these boots are a no brainer.

I highly recommend the Rocky C4T Tactical to anyone looking to get the most out of a Police Boot. It is a safe play and would be a fantastic choice for almost anyone. You can no go wrong with these.

2. Danner Acadia Uniform Boot

Runner up is the Danner Acadia Tactical Boot. One of the most well known and trusted boots for Police Officers from all over the world. A common compliment of these boots is their ability to last and stay at the same comfort level throughout their whole career on your feet. Ideal stability and support is achieved through 8 inches of top quality cordura and leather. Top it off with state of the art stitch down construction and a high level Vibram sole.

These Police boots go very well with the force because they go so well with official uniforms. They are built with a underfoot platform for exceptional grip, stability and traction. Like the C4T’s, these boots will keep you as comfortable as high end running shoes and prevent aching sore feet.

A fantastic choice for anyone serving in law enforcement and public safety. Danner has always had a great reputation and the quality to back it up, so you know if you purchase this boot, you are getting a boot you can trust.

3. Original SWAT Metro 9 Tactical SZ Air Work Boot

The Best all around boot off our list. These boots are good for literally everything. Hiking, hunting, work, you name it, these boots have you covered. Why – these boots are more comfortable, high quality , and you get the most out of spending less.

A very durable and feather-light boot made with high quality leather is made easy to get in and out of (for all you Firefighters out there) with its compressed size and side zipper. Original Swat Men’s Tactical Air Work Boot has outstanding traction and grip in any rough terrain and weather due to the outsole being stitched at the heel and toe of the boot. Highly slip resistant and highly trusted. Your feet will stay warm and dry with a breathable waterproof membrane.

In terms of defects, none to be found in this boot. This boot is highly recommended for ANYONE who are looking to enjoy a high quality, well priced tactical boot

4. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Side Zip Tactical Boot

These lightweight and comfortable boots will make any lower limb pain disappear. They have outstanding support and are some of the most durable boots offered to public safety personnel in a very long time. If you are in the Public Safety business, these boots are a great option. They are beginning to soar in popularity and are becoming a hot item in the market. These could even substitute for EMS boots.

Not only do you look good in the boots, you perform good in these boots. Comfort-ability, great flexibility, style, amazing traction, and breath-ability make this shoe one of the best. The water resistant material will keep your feet warm and dry as well. One down fall of these boots is the fact they are slightly heavier than other tactical boots, but remember, the quality is still there.

The weight shouldn’t be a problem, not enough to make a big difference. It is too minuscule of a weight increase to seriously affect performance, cause fatigue or to be concerned about. If it does, well, maybe you should consider a career change.

5. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

This popular boot provides lots of diversity with many size and weight options. A high cut collar, waterproof leather, dry tech lining and cushioned sole make for a tremendous feel while wearing this boot. The mesh material allows for maximum breathability.

Spider 8.0 has a tough and rugged outsole providing a tremendous amount of traction and grip in any weather or terrain, as rough as they get. If you are going to be in the outdoors and doing alot of trekking, this boot will keep your feet cool and dry. Not suggested for dangerous work due to no steel toe option.

Final Thoughts on the Best Police Boots...

So remember, when it comes to The Best Police Boots, quality is never looked past and should be your number 1 priority to allow you maximum performance. You want a boot that is filled with comfort and oozing performance.

Police work is tough work that requires persistence and relentlessness, so why should you not expect the same out of your equipment, especially your number 1 form of transportation. Any of these Top 5 Boots are fantastic choices and will not disappoint.

Whether it’s the top rated Rocky Men’s C4 Tactical Boot, the well rounded Original SWAT Metro 9 Tactical SZ Air Work Boot, the “Outdoor Proof” Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot, the support and durability of the Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Side Zip Tactical Boot, or the most trusted boot of Police Officers around North America – the Danner Acadia Uniform Boot, you’ll know you made the right choice and be able to trust every step you take.

Get out there, be confident, be proud and keep doing everything in your power to protect your people and your country. Keep being someone people can respect, trust and turn to when in need of help. Keep being a Police Officer.