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Best Keychain Multi-Tool


Today’s world is full of the unexpected. Life happens, and there are times where you are caught in a bind, empty handed and helpless. You cannot be expected to be carrying a tool bag around with you wherever you are, it is just not ethical or financially friendly. No matter what twist or turn life throws your way there is a solution to many of these funny problems this world seems to throw at us; keychain multi-tools.

These little beauties can help you with many small tasks, such as making wood kindling, take a screw out, cut open a package, file down your woodwork project and of course lets not forget cracking a cold one in the middle of the woods while you are out on a camping trip with all your good buddies. These can also be handy if you are involved in Police Work, Firefighting, EMS, or other Emergency Response careers..

Keychain Multi-tools are used by all types of people in different situations. Keychain Multi-tools have a rich variety of applications. Campers looking to start a fire and sharpen a marshmallow stick. A fly fisherman on the river, in need of a hand tying the fly to his leader. A group of friends on the beach looking to crack some crisp beers. If you are unloading boxes after the big move you are going to need a sharp edge to cut them open. If you need to change a connection to your vehicle battery, you have the ability to unscrew these with a keychain multi-tool. Emergency Responders have options such as cutting a seatbelt or breaking a window to gain access to a patient. Options are endless..

Best Keychain Multi-Tools

Things to Look for when purchasing a Keychain Multi-tool...

The first thing you need to ask yourself when buying a Keychain Multi-Tool is “what exactly am I going to be using this Keychain Multi-tool for”. The next thing you need to ask yourself is “do I need a high-quality tool that can be relied upon in dire circumstances or is this keychain multi-tool more for fun and pleasure. The overall quality of a keychain multi-tool can be determined realized through certain characteristics weight, comfort, effectiveness, durability and the ease of use required.

From there we can take a look at the most common and most useful tools on a key chain multi-tool so you have a better idea of what you are after...

1. Knife

Probably the most utilized and most important tool on a key chain multi-tool is the knife blade. Knife blades are very handy and can be applied to many different situations. If you are looking for a solid rescue knife, check out our Best Rescue Knives page!

You want to make sure that you pay attention to the material and quality of the knife blade when purchasing a keychain multi-tool. There are a few options, stainless steel, high-carbon, and high carbon stainless steel. All 3 are very good options. Stainless steel is durable and affordable. High carbon is much more durable than stainless steel but will require more care and maintenance than stainless steel. High carbon stainless steel is the highest quality of the three options giving you maximum durability and little to no maintenance. Having a blade that can hold its edge and stay clear of rusting is important in the overall well being of keychain multi-tool. Be aware of the ability of the lock for the multi-tool to hold the blade in place. This is important for obvious safety reasons such and the blade accidently popping out and causing injury to the user.

There are many different sizes and styles of blades to choose from, mostly depending on the keychain multi-tool you choose. The most common size of blade is 3 inches and there are options with a serrated blade for those who prefer it. Again make sure you take the time to find the proper blade for you.

2. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are not only a common tool in a keychain multi-tool but also a very handy one as well. The main types of screw driver heads are Phillips, flathead and Robertson. If it comes with a Phillips and flathead you should have your basis covered as these are the most common for screw heads.

There are also options in keychain multi-tools with more variety of screw driver heads if this is an important part of the multi-tool for your needs.

3. Scissors

The nice things about scissors is they give you the ability to touch up cuts and be more precise when making certain cuts, unlike the knife blade would give you. Make sure you get the right size for your hand, you want something that is comfortable when out and easy to grip. Most keychain multi-tools come with spring action scissors for easy operation.

4. Pliers

Pliers are another very valuable and popular piece to have in a keychain multi-tool. Again there are a few options for the type of pliers you can get, depending on personal preference and the application of the tool. Needle nose pliers are for smaller and more precise work while the wider pliers are usually for tougher stronger jobs.

Most of the higher end keychain multi-tools offer both needle nose and wide pliers. Make sure that the pliers contain wire strippers on the inner mouth, just a nice extra feature.

Now lets take a look at the top 4 Keychain Multi-Tools on the market...

1. Gerber Dime Micro-Tool

The Gerber Dime Micro-Toll is a little bigger than other keychain multi-tools, about 3 inches when fully closed, so it may not be the best choice for someone looking to constantly be carrying a keychain multi-tool all the time, especially if you are already fully loaded with no room to spare.

That being said, if you want a keychain multi-tool that will deliver maximum performance and provide you with quality and diversity, look no further than the Gerber Dime Micro-Tool. Its constructed by 3Cr13 stainless steel for top quality. It is lightweight and very easily accessible with the butterfly opening. It comes with needle nose spring loaded pliers, wire cutters, fine edged blade, packaging opener, scissors, a medium flat driver, a crosshead driver, bottle opener and tweezers & file. This little beast will let you handle all of life’s everyday problems

2. Leatherman Style CS Keychain Multi-Tool

This is another great little keychain multi-tool. The Leatherman Style Cs Keychain Multi-Tool does not offer the same amount of tools as the Gerber Dime Micro-Tool, but can still be a very effective and useful multi-tool.

It’s length some find to be a problem but nothing major. One nice feature is the snap carabiner which allows you to clip this multi-tool onto anything such as your pants, jacket or even your backpack. If you are looking for something with solid scissors, this keychain multi-tool has it, they are fantastic for quick clipping and trimming. It comes with a 420HC Stainless-Steel knife blade and heavy-duty Zytel Handles which will make using the blade that much easier. The tools are drivers, filers, scissors, knife and of course a bottle opener for whenever you are craving a cold one. Cheers.

3. Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi-Tool

With it’s impressively small design, packed with up to 9 tools in 1, The Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi-Tool packs a serious punch. It sports a 420HC highly durable stainless steel Clip-point knife blade ready to cut through the toughest of materials.

To help you cut is the contoured anodized aluminum handles for great gripping ability and dexterity. It also comes with standard screwdrivers, work and nail files, spring-loaded scissors, pliers and more.

This keychain multi-tool is very good quality, with the quantity of tools provided. It is a little more expensive than the other keychain multi-tools but remember you are getting high quality with plentiful tools and uses. You will not be disappointed if the Leatherman Squirt PS4 is your choice.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Everyone knows about a good old fashioned swiss army knife from Victorinox and when you think it couldn’t get any better, they outdid themselves again with the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife.

Every tool and feature of this Keychain Multi-tool is constructed of stainless steel for maximum durability and quality. It has the precision Swiss engineering and craftsmanship to go along with all its features too. It comes with everything including a magnetic Phillips screwdriver, solid steel blade, clipping scissors, toothpick, bottle opener, and file. It also has sleek new translucent handle for a stylish new look.

You can always count on the Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket knife to help you out with life’s little battles when you are in a bind. Coming with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, you know you are getting your moneys worth.

5. SOG Crosscut

This little guy may be a smaller keychain multi-tool, but don not let its size and weight fool you. The SOG Crosscut is strong and ready for any task just as much as any other keychain multi-tool.

The lightweight design and precision is what makes it so versatile. Measuring at 2.5 inches, it may seem that you will not be able to get the torque you need. Do not let this throw you off, the compound leverage design has multiple pivot points so you can always count on getting the leverage you require without punishing your hands along with your digits.  

The tools included in this bad boy consist of an exceptionally sharp knife blade, multiple screwdrivers, spring-loaded scissors for precise cutting, tweezers and nail filers, ruler for small measurements, and handy pick to finish it off.

So if you want a handy little keychain multi-tool that is tough and easy to carry/store, then the SOG Crosscut is just what the doctor ordered. It comes with a very fair pricepoint and high-end quality. 

6. Swiss Tech Micro Max

Consisting of most tools of any keychain multi-tool less than 2 inches in size, the Swiss Tech Micro Max packs a big punch of handiness and reliability. Just when you thought everything has been thought of, it will surprise you with its hand drill and hex wrenches.

Other tools contained inside this keychain multi-tool are pliers, a bottle opener for whenever the day is done to crack a cold one, rulers for small measurements, wire strippers handy for any small electrical work, crimps for irrigation repairs, six different screwdrivers for some diversity. To top it off these features have a quick release and self-locking abilities just to put your mind and safety at ease.

Versatility is the key ingredient to the Swiss Tech Micro Max keychain multi-tool. If you do not want to be scrounging around for tools away from your garage or toolbox, then this is the right keychain multi-tool for your needs. Very affordable and reliable.


So whether you are having friends over in your own backyard, camping with friends and family in the country, going ice fishing in the blistering cold, an emergency responder in a risky situation or just kicking back in your recliner, keychain multi-tools can always be handy in any type of situation or environment. Everything from opening a present during your birthday, to sharpening a stick for survival if you are stuck out in the bush, keychain multi-tools are quick, compact, light, easy to use gadgets that are always there for you when you need them.

With all the different brands, types and varieties you are bound to find the right key chain multi-tool for you and your needs. Another great thing is, they are NOT expensive. Get out there and explore this world, or just kick back and have a beer, but don’t do it alone, have your best buddy by your side to always have your back, your keychain multi-tool!

Best Rescue Knife


With all different types of tactical, survival and EDC knives out there, rescue knives often get overlooked. That being said, rescue knives are very diverse and reliable. They have the ability to get you out of many hairy situations and even at times have the ability to save yours or someone else’s life.  

Best Rescue Knife

Rescue Knives are used by many different people in many different occupations such as SWAT teams, paramedics and EMS responders, firefighters, coast guard, even the Navy Seals.  Rescue knives do not only cut through different types of materials but can perform other tasks too such as breaking windows and more. Think of rescue knives more as a “rescue multi-tool”.

It can be a little challenging selecting the best rescue knife for yourself at times and its application. Compared to other tactical knives, they may not look the prettiest but their reliability is unmatched in the knife world.

Things to look for...

It’s ok if the rescue knife you select is a little bit on the hefty side, this is a good thing, it just means that your rescue knife is well built. Remember, rescue knives are not your average keychain knives. These babies need to be robust and have the ability to cut through heavy materials, be able to take a beating, smash through windows and give you the confidence it can get the job done.

Do not lose sight of comfortableness either though. You want a knife that is easy to carry with a solid pocket clip and a high quality, well fitted handle

Serrated knives are not always popular, but remember, we are talking Rescue Knives here. Rescue knives of course need to have the ability to cut through clothing, rope, woven materials and much more in order to be useful. Serrated rescue knives have this ability and tend to stay sharper longer than non-serrated knives, another nice feature of a rescue knife.

Plain edged knives work just fine as well, a lot can be personal preference. Whatever edge you decide upon, make sure you go with a rescue knife (for the most part) that has a blunt tip in order to prevent any type of laceration injury to whomever it may be that you are rescuing. 


When it comes to the quality of the blade, this is very important. You want a blade that will last, stay sharp and you can rely on.  Look for steel blades with 440C, AUS8 or 154cm. All these blades maintain their edge and tend not to chip. 

Due to the nature of the occupations rescue knives are applied to, if you can find a knife with a stainless steel blade you will be good shape. Police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, all these professionals involve working in dangerous situations and environments where you can be covered in rain, snow and other types of fluids (oil, gasoline). You do NOT want your blade to rust or get contaminated. High carbon blades are built well, good quality and usually lighter than stainless steel, but do have the rust factor you have to consider.

Handles are a big part of a rescue knife, literally and figuratively.  A good solid well sized handle gives you a strong grip and maneuver ability. Good grip and comfort are all personal preference as there is a number of different sizes, shapes and grips available for rescue knives. If there is an option for a bright reflective color, keep it in mind.

High pressure situations with minimal to no lighting can be tough to see and if you are in an emergency situation you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to find your rescue knife when time is of the essence. Something that stands out, is easy to locate and highly visible will prevent a situation like this evolving before you.

​ Early I had mentioned how rescue knives these days are basically multi-tools. They can come with some nice features such as seatbelt cutters and glass breakers to make your job a little easier and more sufficient.  From my experience in the Fire Service for 4 years seatbelt cutters are definitely a quick easy way to cut someone’s seatbelt safely preventing any lacerations to the victim. Glass breakers are very efficient and a much less intimidating and invasive way of gaining access to a patient trapped inside a vehicle.

These extras are nice features, but when you are choosing a rescue knife, really focus on the quality of the blade and handle, especially the blade as this is what will make your knife worthwhile and takes the most beating.

Top 5 Rescue Knives on the market...

1. Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife (22-41534)

Gerber are well known for their Knives. They are built well and have rugged reliable designs in all their products. Not only can this knife be used in rescue situations, but military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and any outdoor situations as well. The serrated blade is as versatile as they come. The over-sized thumb stud and external blade release allow very smooth and easy operation of the knife.

The Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife (22-41534) has many nice extras including the safety hook cutter for webbing, clothing and even seatbelts. It also comes with a window punch for gaining safe access to patients and an oxygen tank valve opener for any EMS workers. There is a 9-piece tool kit with added features. Pay a little more, but you will receive a lot more. Great rescue knife, good price.

2. Smith and Wesson First Response Knife

The Smith and Wenson SWFRS First Response Knife is a rescue knife designed with the intentions to perform in any type of emergency from natural disasters, to car accidents. This is a very well constructed knife that comes at a very fair price. It is perfect for anyone starting out in the rescue/emergency response field and looking to get a rescue knife that they can afford and start off confidently.

One thing about this knife that some may find useful is the combo edge. The partially serrated blade can be a very instinctive choice especially when dealing with cutting through a seat belt, different types of clothing or even rope, which, would not be as achievable with the normal flat blade. Composed of 440C carbon stainless steel and measuring at 3.3”, this combo blade is strong and maintains a sharp edge.

The Smith and Wenson SWFRS First Response Knife also comes with a nice added feature in the seatbelt cutter at the butt end of the blade. The advantage of a seatbelt cutter over your blade in a rescue situation is the fact that you don’t have to worry about cutting the victim you are rescuing. It may not seem necessary at the time but it will speed things up.

Another added feature is its built in glass breaker. Glass breakers can be a very handy tool when trying to gain access to a patient trapped inside a vehicle. Glass breakers rupture glass with little effort and prevent glass spraying all over the place. Its quick, easy and most importantly more safe for you and the patient.

This is a great knife if you are just starting in the rescue business as it is extremely affordable and covers all essential areas rescue knives need to have covered.

3. Blizetec Survival Knife

An amazing and very popular folding knife, with plenty of nice little details to add to it’s quality. This knife not only has a fantastic appearance but has fantastic quality as well.  This best rescue knife has a high carbon stainless steel combo serrated blade (420) for cutting through anything from clothing to rope to many other materials. The BlizeTec Survival Knife comes with a life time warranty so you will not be concerned about your blade deteriorating.

The comfortable handle comes with a window punch and seatbelt cutter, two essential tools for gaining access to a patient safely and efficiently trapped inside vehicle. These features allow you to have the ability to extricate the victim. Another neat feature of the BlizeTec Survival Knife is the LED light on the handle to for maximum visibility at night while making any sort of cut. The pocket clip makes this knife easy and comfortable to carry, along with the knife being super light weight.

BlizeTec backs their Survival Knife with a lifetime warranty and have a very good reputation in the best rescue knife business. Speaking of business, if you mean business when it comes to rescue knives, the BlizeTec Survival Knife is the knife for you. A little pricier, but still very reasonable for the high-quality knife you will be receiving, I highly recommend this knife for any badass rescue worker ready to up there kit.

 4. Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife

Gerber Hinderer has always been known to have rugged, reliable designs. The same can be said again for the Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife. This knife has many applications such as hunting, survival, outdoor situations, military as well as a best rescue knife.

The blade of the Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife is partially serrated with black 440A stainless steel for ultimate strength and durability. The nice part of the serrated blades is the variety of different materials you have the ability to cut through.

This best rescue knife comes with its fair share of extras. It has an exceptional  patented liner lock release constructed within the side of the handle. The seatbelt cutter and window punch are no-brainers again giving you the ability to get to and cut out a patient in a sticky situation.  A nice little extra as well is the 02 tank wrench designed within the handle for firefighters and paramedics. The pocket clip is very comfortable and you will not even know you have a best rescue knife in your pocket.

Overall, the Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife is a good knife with excellent features at an respectful price. You will not be disappointed with this blade, it will meet your needs.

5. Smith and Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

This is a top fixed blade knife on the market and used by rescue personnel everywhere.  The only downfall of this blade is its inability to retract and fold-in for safe easy storage and carry. After that though, the benefits outweigh its weaknesses.

The grooved blade allows maximum and smooth cutting ability. Not to mention the solid rubberized aluminum handle gives you great grip and dexterity so you never have to worry about the knife slipping out of your finger and causing you or anyone else any harm.

It comes with cross guard, butt cap, and even a front-mounted nylon storage pouch. The state of the art nylon sheath has metallic backups and lashing slots.


Best Rescue Knife

So remember, when looking for the best rescue knife, think durability, quality and don’t forget about the extras. In no time you will be finding great use, whatever it may be, with your rescue knife and know that you made the right choice and had good information of what to look for when purchasing.