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Best Work Boots for Men


When it comes to choosing the best work boots for men, durability is a key indicator for earning that label. Observationally speaking, I have noticed that men are exceptionally hard on their footwear, especially in the workplace. It can be argued that the right work boot will make an exponential difference in not only work safety but work quality. This ideal work boot needs to fit well and consist of high quality materials.

If you have come to this page on the hunt for a work boot because your career calls you away from the desk and onto terrains that call for protection from various elements like electricity or temperature changes, you have come to the right place. Let’s examine some of our picks for the best work boots for men;

Best Work Boots for Men

10 Factors to Consider when Choosing Work Boots...

If you are new to the world of work boots, the volume and varieties out there can be quite intimidating. Keep these 10 things in mind when you are going on the hunt for your brand new work boots;

1. Sole and Heel Resistance: It really doesn’t matter what type of surface you are working on, it is always advisable to look for a work boot that is slip and oil resistant. They should also feature a plate on the base that is puncture resistant and depending on where you will be working, you can locate acid-resistant soles as well. If you will be up and down ladders all day, you will want a bit of a raised heel.

2. Safety (Steel) Toes: This feature is responsible for preventing countless injuries over the years. They are made of a few materials; steel, aluminum, and composite.

3. Surge Protection: Work boots are designed to be used in proximity to electrical appliances. Depending on your needs there are boots rated for electrical hazards as well as static dissipation.

4. Support: If you will be hauling and carrying heavier objects you can purchase boots that offer a larger form of steel toe called metatarsal guards. You can also purchase boots with added calf and ankle support.

5. Weight: Remember, the heavier your boot, the harder it is on your body. Choose a boot that is suitable for the level of mobility you require.

6. Break-in Period: Your boot will only meet its intended purpose if it is durable and tough. Because of this, some boots may take upwards of a month to become comfortable.

7. Construction: What materials are used when fabricating this footwear? How are they put together? Many men prefer a work boot with minimal seams or parts that will get snagged on the go.

Best Work Boots for Men

8. Insulation and Waterproofing: Ensure that your boots are suitably waterproofed for your job. If you work in a place that gets a lot of rain or snow, this should be a necessity. If you are in a place that has colder winters, find an insulated boot that is built to keep you comfortable in the bitter cold.

9. Reputation: Popular companies generally make the best and longest-lasting work boots. They stand by their good reputations and are well known for a reason.

10. Durability: Honestly the best way to judge a boot’s durability is to review Amazon customer reviews. Name brands are not always the best indicator and durability relies on a large number of factors. Get the information straight from people who have experienced them first hand.

Product Reviews...

1. Wolverine Men's Legend 6" Waterproof Soft-Toe Work Shoe

The Wolverine Legend is a soft-toe work shoe that resembles a hiker more than a work shoe. These shoes are engineered to out perform the competition. Wolverine is an American brand that was established in the 1800’s. They focus on combining superior materials with quality craftsmanship. Their footwear is built to hold up to the toughest of working environments without sacrificing comfort.

The Legend sports many of the Wolverine specific patented technologies that users have grown to love including; DuraShock technology, OrthoLite cushioning, and H-Plate suspension. This leather ankle-high work boot is waterproof, slip-resistant and has a moisture-wicking mesh lining for comfort and health. The shaft measures 6 inches from the arch and Amazon customers are thrilled with their purchase of this footwear.

The main thing that every reviewer has focused on time and time again is the ability to have safety without sacrificing comfort. Make sure that you do not require a steel toe for your work environment and if so, the Legend may be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Carhartt Men's Cmw6095 6" Casual Wedge Work Boot

The Carhartt brand is known throughout various trades and workers. These leather, imported casual wedge work boots have a rubber sole and a soft toe. The shaft measures 7 inches from the arch and they are brown in color.

They are made of bon welt construction with a dual density rubber outsole, PU strobel pad and PU cushion insoles. The membrane is breathable and waterproof and these attractive boots can easily transition from the working environment to the office.

If you do not require a steel toe, you may want to take a look at these boots. Amazon customers are raving about the comfort and quality of this boot with one stating that they are perfect for light-abuse trades like electrical work.

3. Baffin Men's Classic 6" Industrial Insulated Boot

Baffin has long been a trusted brand by industry professionals and these industrial insulated boots leave nothing to be desired. If you are working in colder conditions and are in need of a high quality safety-toed work boot then look no further.

These boots are comfort rated to minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit with their B-tek insulation and the safety toe and plate are non-metallic. This means you will not set off metal detectors if you have a need to travel.

These leather boots have a rubber sole and are waterproof, oil and acid resistant. They measure 6 inches from the arch and have a classic lace-up front design for a custom comfortable fit. Amazon customer are simply over the moon for this product raving about durability, comfort, style, price and warmth.

4. Timberland PRO Men’s 26078 Titan 6″ Waterproof Work Boot

One of Timberland's all time best sellers, the Titan 26078 PRO Men's work boot was initially introduced into the Timberland line up about 30 years ago. This boot has been a complete success for the company and is very popular and trusted throughout the work force. 

​These boots offer optimal support and do not sacrifice any comfort while doing so. Using the Power Fit Comfort system, they are actually one of the more comfortable boots on the market today. Customers are very satisfied with the lack of break-in period time for these boots, as for some it is almost non-existent. 

One nice feature of the Timberland PRO Men's 26078 is the weight of the boot. Due to the safety toe being constructed of top quality aluminum alloy, it is lighter than your classic steel toe boot but still gives you the protection required to keep your feet safe.

Extremely slip resistant due to the top notch traction constructed on the boot, you will be safe of any falls. Be prepared to wear this boot for a few years as well, as the 26078's are unbelievably durable and last for a long time under the harshest conditions and long hours.

So all that being said, this boot is a fantastic choice for any guy out there looking for a top quality boot he can rely on. With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can be confident at the end of the day whether on not this boot is the proper boot for you.

5. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot

One of The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot's best features is the high quality leather. These boots are constructed to withstand punishment and high intensity work environments and this remarkable leather does the job and looks great at the same time. 

These boots have a little longer of a break-in time period but once that is over, they are very comfortable. Coming in various ranges of colors, like we said before, these boots plain and simple LOOK GOOD!

If you work in a wet or rainy environment, be careful about choosing the Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot. They do not do great in water and take a long time to dry out. 

That being said, they are extremely rugged and have great traction with the oil-resistant outsole, preventing any slips, falls and injuries. 

Final Thoughts...

I hope that this article has furthered your knowledge into choosing the proper pair of work boots for you and you can be more confident making a final decision. Every man has different needs for a pair of work boots and every pair of work boots has its own unique features. Take your time, and you will be walking to the work site soon enough with the perfect pair of work boots for you!

Best Work Boots for Men