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If you were to ask 10 years ago for a great pair of boots socks you would probably get a confused look and even worse response. Boot socks have evolved and come a long way recently with vast technological advancements and improved quality/durability. Get the best Waterproof Combat Boots to go along with your boot socks!

It is very important to protect your feet by all means neccessary. Simply put, if your feet do not work, then you will not work to the best of your ability. Finding the proper pair of socks for your specific feet and the boot you wear with your socks makes all the difference in the world. Not only do you depend on your feet to support your whole weight and body, you literally depend on your feet to get you from point "A" to point "B" all day long, everyday.

What to look for...?

We all know what it is like to go on a run, hike or any sort of public service job with boots that are brutal. Now imagine if along with your brutal boots you have brutal socks. This is a recipe for a very uncomfortable, ineffective day. Your boot socks should provide you with the cool, breathing, comfortability and supportive qualities needed to power you through the day. Feel even better buy cooling off with the Best Cooling Towels! Preventing blisters is as well vital to being the best you can be on your feet, proper boot socks can help you with this issue..

You can prevent all these issues and especially blisters with a proper pair of boot socks to go along with your boots. Having the improper pair of boots is a main cause of blisters but you can also reduce this with the socks you are wearing. Synthetic socks are great because not only are they comfortable, they keep your feet cool and dry while wicking away any unwanted moisture. Cotton socks will cause your feet to overheat and become saturated in sweat.

best boot socks

One thing to not overlook is make sure you purchase a pair of socks that "FIT YOUR FEET!!". To often do we just assume that one size fits all in boot socks and we end up purchasing a pair that is too small and rips too easily too soon. Or we find ourselves with built up clumps and annoying toe wedgies cause lots of discomfort.

Now the we have figured out what to look for when purchasing boot socks, lets us go through the top pairs of boot socks on the market today...

Top 5 Best Boot Socks...

1. Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock

Made of very high quality material and worn by many people in many different types of professions, the Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock is a very good and popular choice when it comes to the best boot sock. They are constructed of nylon, acrylic and soft wool. They have an extended supported toe and heal for maximum support, visible by the color contrast. These socks meet the requirements for heavy duty work, making its a fantastic sock for working professionals. It has a mid-calf cut, making it ideal for keeping your legs and feet warm. The great thing about these socks is that they also have the ability to keep your feet/legs cool due to the moisture wicking ability, making it as well a good summer work boot. 

2. Carhartt Men's All Season 3 Pack

I know what you are going to say. Early on I had mentioned how you should stay away from cotton socks, however this is not always the case. This variety pack of Carhartt socks are very popular and for good reason. They have every sock for every type of climate. Of course there are certain conditions in which it is best to use a cotton sock for maximum warmth and heat retention in very viciously cold climates. 

Machine washable and made right here in the USA, the Carhartt Men's All Season 3 Pack are made of premium materials for an extremely comfortable fit. They breath well and wick away moisture when needed. They have extra reinforcements at the toe and heel as well as extra padding for added protection.

Overall a fantastic boot sock for anyone looking to improve themselves at work.

3. Dickies Men's Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks

This is a very popular boot sock and is growing very rapidly in popularity. Manufactured by high quality materials such as polypropylene, nylon, cotton, polyester, and acrylic, the Dickies Men's Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks are very reliable and highly regarded. Like many other boot socks, these boot socks have a sturdy reinforced heel and toe for extra ankle and foot stability. Due to the support and durability of these socks, they make an excellent sock for any working professional, especially those in the heavy duty work force or public service sector, like police officers or first responders. Although these socks are great for many conditions, personally I would suggest not wearing these in humid/wet climates as they do not have ideal for moisture wicking technologies but they do have some abililty. 

Do not count out the Dickies Men's Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Sock as it provides many amenities for the hard working professional wanting to have maximum support and quality when it comes to their work gear.

4. World's Softest Unisex Boot Socks

if you are in the market for a new boot sock, and you are looking for the best quality and the highest rated comfortability then the World's Softest Unisex Classic Crew Sock is definitely the boot sock for you. Made from the highest quality material, these boot socks are designed for maximum comfort, and that is exactly what you will get.

These particular boot socks are designed to be worn over long periods of time and remain as comfortable and soft from the time you put them on until the time you take them off. The super soft design not only is amazing on your feet but they do not sacrifice any stability and support. They are strong and will keep you on your feet but are gentle and soft not causing any numbing to your toes.

If you are going to be on your feet all day and want that cozy soft feeling on your feet, then this is definitely a great option. The World's Softest Unisex Classic Crew Sock is truly one of the softest boot socks out there today.

5. Dry Max Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

Maybe you are an EMT or Firefigher in Alaska, or working Tactical missions for the Military, either way you will encounter cold weather and most likely at times be running around trying to perform your job to the best of your ability. If this is the case then you are looking for a working boot sock high in durability, the ability to wick moisture and keep your foot warm, all while supporting yourself to keep yourself stabilized. Simple solution - Dry Max Cold Weather Run Crew Socks.

These babies provide all of the above and more. Designed with high quality materials such as polyester, nylon, olefin and elastane these boots are built to last, and last they do. Made right here in the USA, probably the best feature about these socks is the fact that they will keep your feet comfortable and warm in cold weather but they also have the ability to wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry. Great for active people in colder climates.

​So if your up north smashing tongs on the oil rigs, or chasing down bad guys on the dog sled, these socks can provide you with everything required to stay warm and dry and supported. Overall a fantastic boot sock.


best boot socks

So we have learned a few things, we want boot socks that can provide support, but at the same time not lose comfort. If we are going to be on our feet all day moving around, we are going to want to stay cool and dry. Now that we have nailed down the basics of finding the best pair of boot socks for your needs, you can go out there confidently and search for the right ones. Your feet take a beating and they deserve to be treated. Like buying a great pair of boots for your feet, you should not hesitate to do the same for your boot socks. I hope this has helped, good luck!

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