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When it comes to choosing a top of the line combat boots that will satisfy your needs, you must be aware of two main things, what environment will you be wearing these combat boots, and what are you wearing these combat boots for. Once you have determined these two questions you can then proceed to narrow it down to a specific boot that will be your best friend no matter where they take you. You do not have to worry about having a slim selection, combat boots come in every style possible to conquer any atmosphere or situation.

Obviously, if you are a US Marine on a top secret mission, you will probably have different combat boots than if you are an outdoorsman going for a hike in beautiful landscapes of Montana. Or a security guard at a big event in New York, to emergency services personnel, there is a combat boot for anyone anywhere.

Now, there are a few characteristic points we should go over to make sure you are picking the proper combat boot. Let`s quickly go over some key points to find you the BEST combat boot.

Things to look for...

1. Weight

If your boots are too heavy, fatigue your legs, and do not allow you the proper mobility and reaction time you need to get the job done, whatever that may be, then you are in for a world of hurt my friend, literally.

Good news is most combat boots are offered in lightweight construction allowing you to stay strong throughout the day with them on. Depending on the combat boots are designed for, you can get a heavy construction for maximum protection or a feather-light construction with sustainable protection for military personnel needing to be quick to react.

2. Construction

If you have a boot built well, not only will it last longer, it will protect you better as well. That being said, construction and weight, usually go hand in hand. Luckily with technology these days combat boots can be built both tough and lightweight. A well constructed combat boot is key for anyone wanting to make the most of them.

For the most part, leather combat boots will be a little bit more expensive than synthetic boots. If your wallet permits you, go for the leather built combat boots, the extra durability will go a long way. If not, stick with the synthetic or nylon or combinations are even offered, these will be just fine

3. Toe Protection

Having toe protection is an important consideration when purchasing your combat boots. Steel toe boots help protect your feet and toes from all types of injuries and are very handy in the workforce. They will however add some extra weight to the boot, not a sufficient amount though to prevent you from not being able to perform high demanding physical tasks.

Soft toe boots will not offer a good amount of protection for your feet and toes, they will however be lighter. If you are not concerned so much about protection and more so flexibility, lightweight and agility, a soft toe boot might be your best option.

4. Ankle Length Cut

The height and length of the cut of combat boots will establish the level of ankle support your receive. In most combat boots the length of the cut is at least above the ankle, providing enough support to allow you to perform most tasks.

Higher cuts will give you more support but may restrict your mobility to a certain degree.

A lower cut, less ankle support but your mobility will not be compromised. It is mostly personal preference when it comes to the cut of combat boots your prefer.

5. Environment

First you are going to want to determine where and what you will be wearing your combat boots for. If you are in a moist wet swampy jungle environment you will need a boot with very sufficient waterproofing. If your boots get waterlogged you will not be as effective and your boots will deteriorate.

If you are in a hotter, dryer desert environment, you will require a combat boot that provides excellent breathability and moisture wicking properties. You do not want your feet getting hot and sweaty effecting your performance and potentially causing athletes foot. Find a boot that best fits your needs.


1. Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot

If you want to be quick on your feet, this is the boot for you. This boot was constructed to not only satisfy its lightweight as a feature, but as a full on requirement. The Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot is one of the lightest combat boots on the market today.

This combat boot is constructed with athletic strobe stitching along with the VIBRAM Incisor outsole for ultimate flexibility, stability and outstanding traction. It has medial and lateral dual ventilation zones for excellent breathability, keeping your feet dry and cool.

The insole has a polyurethane removable insert, providing great comfort and the option to choose another insert. The Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot is an excellent choice for people looking for high performance out of both themselves and their combat boots and it is not too expensive either.

2. Belleville Tactical Research 'TR103 Minimalist Training Boot

This is a combat boot designed for the ultimate well conditioned athlete training in minimalist athletic footwear. It features a 5mm drop from the heel of the boot to the toe. Weighing less than 2Ibs per pair, the Belleville Tactical Research Minimalist Training Boot is lightweight and also features a highly breathable, quick-drying inner for maximum comfort.

With an upper made out of grain leather, the molded single density EVA insole and the tough VIBRAM long-lasting outsole providing maximum traction, this is a combat boot made for people ready to achieve the next level and put their work in.

Belleville has a great reputation and has been desigining exceptional combat boots for some time now. This boot is made to satisfy your every need, from comfort, waterproofing, durability, lightweight and affordable. Don`t wait, strap these beauties on and reach that next level.

3. Garmont T8 NFS Lightweight Boot (Desert Tan)

If you haven`t noticed, lightweight is a very important and popular characteristic of having a great combat boot. This is a combat boot designed for maximum speed and agility. This lightweight high performance combat boot gives you top quality comfort and protection under robust loads and extensive periods of time on your feet.

The Garmont T8 NFS Lightweight Boot (Desert Tan) also offers great ventilation and breathability with its durable upper construction. It is built with quick-dry materials and are excellent in a wet muddy climate to help keep your feet dry. They have excellent traction and will not wear and tear over time.

For an all around great lightweight boot, the Garmont T8 NFS Lightweight Boot (Desert Tan) will satisfy all your needs and give you the confidence you need to perform in whatever mission you are assigned to.

4. Danner Tachyon Lightweight Military Boot

Anything Danner is always going to be a good choice. They have been one of the top and most popular brands in combat boots for a long time. Wit the Danner Tachyon Lightweight Military Boot (Desert Tan) you will get everything you need in a combat boot and the quality to know that they will last and never let you down in combat.

The synthetic upper is completely re-designed for great weight savings and more support, not to mention its ultra-fast dry time. These boots are very comfortable due to its speed lacing and 3-layer comfort system.

They have an excellent traction system for the best grip in the business so you do not have to worry about taking a tumble if the private behind you pulls a bad joke.

Remember, Danner build the best combat boots available on the market. Danner equals quality, which means you may have to spend a little more for your combat boots than other suppliers. That being said, you can trust your are making a very good investment in your performance and well being on the battle ground in Danner combat boots.

5. Blackhawk Warrior Wear DesertOps Boots (Desert Tan)

For a lightweight, fast and maximum comfort combat boot, go with the Blackhawk Warrior Wear DesertOps Boots (Desert Tan). These boots last long, water-resistant, durable, great support, breathable and perform comfortably.

The Vibram `multisport`oil-resistant outsole offers exceptional traction on difficult surfaces due to its large open lugs built for dodging debris. While dodging that debris you don’t have to worry about anything entering your boot either as the fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from entering the boot. Not only are these boots super lightweight, they provide some of the best protection and support in the industry.


Best Combat Boots

So remember, when picking your combat boots, look into the boots weight, construction, toe format, ankle cut and environment it will used in. There are many combat boots to choose from and many of these are good choices. In this day and age the majority are built with well rounded materials and are very lightweight. In the end it comes down to how much money you have in your wallet to spare and your personal preference. Don`t be left behind in the heat of combat, lead the way and get the best possible combat boot to take charge. Be a warrior, combat boots are the first step.

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