Best Construction Boots


If you are a construction worker you are probably visiting this site hoping to discover the best protection your feet can have while you are busy on the job. It is certainly fair to state that a construction site presents a wide assortment of safety risks and protecting yourself and your coworkers should certainly be a priority.

Best Construction Boots

3 Key Features the Best Construction Boots Need..

Although work boots come in a variety of styles, there are three fundamental elements that are requirements when you are working construction...

1. Safety Toes There are simply too many risks when you are on a construction site. Electrocution is a real issue, as is falling debris. Safety toes offer a hard-outer shell that protects your sensitive and fragile toes from damage and much like a turtle cannot live without its shell, you should not be choosing a pair of construction boots that do not have a safety toe feature. Safety toes are there in case of accidental contact with volatile materials and hazardous situations. The most common safety toe on the market is the tried and true steel toe.

2. Durability Construction sites present several surfaces, terrains and even chemicals. These conditions are exceptionally hard on any work gear. From falling objects, chemical spills or simple elemental shifts, your work boots should be able to hold their own against these factors that would predate on a weaker shoe. Making a poor choice here will have you purchasing a new pair of boots every couple of months. Choose a work boot that utilizes a durable material. Full grain leather is a perfect choice.

3. Support A work boot should be able to move with your foot. Stiffness will aggravate your body and cause injuries. Construction calls for an assortment of strange movements that you would not have anticipated. The best way to test this is by getting a feel for the boot in the store, or, if you are shopping online, take a look at what other customers have to say about the flexibility of the boot.

Top Product Reviews...

1. Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar is a staple in the construction world, known for their durability and quality. This affordable, imported steel toe work boot has a rubber sole and leather exterior. The outsole is oil-resistant for added traction and the grommets are hex-shaped on the speed lace shaft. The “Second Shift” was designed with overtime and rigorous working environments in mind. They are incredibly popular among construction workers and are affordably priced. Caterpillar is the world’s primary manufacturer of heavy equipment and they apply their same principals for strength, integrity, and honest work into their footwear. Upon reviewing what customers have to say about this product, it is certain that you will not be disappointed. The boot comes in dark brown or a classic honey color and according to happy Amazon customers, they are some of the most durable boots that have ever had. The most common complaint that can be found is that the insole is on the harder side and it is recommended to purchase a softer insole for added comfort and long days.

2. Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland is another tried and true company when it comes to quality, comfort, and durability. Their PRO Pit Boss series are built with rugged, nubuck leathers, a synthetic sole, steel toes, a synthetic polyurethane midsole that is designed for shock absorption and moisture wicking. The outsole is oil, slip and abrasion resistant and adds electrical hazard protection. The shaft of these boots measures 5.5” from the arch of the boot and the heel is 1.5”. With a padded top for added comfort, a Goodyear welt construction for added durability, antimicrobial fabric lining and durable cast metal top hooks, this boot is a sure-fire winner for quality. They are affordably priced and have thousands of positive reviews from happy customers worldwide. Timberland offers a 24/7 Comfort Suspension System in order to provide added arch support, reduce foot fatigue and diffuse shocks. The system adds stability and pressure dispersal. These boots are truly designed to take on a construction worker’s toughest jobs with comfort and ease. While reviewing what customers had to say, the only negative comments seemed to be on a one-off basis. Every foot is built different and sometimes this shoe doesn’t fit like a person would want. This is an incredibly small percent of customer reviews and most people are ecstatic with their boot choice.

3. GW Men's 1606ST Steal Toe Work Boots

These boots are another fantastic and affordable choice for the hard-working construction employee. They have steel toes, rubber sole and full-grain genuine Nubuck leather. They have a 1.5” heel, 0.75” platform and a 5” shaft from the arch. The work boots offer premium water resistance for those wet work days. You can purchase these boots in black or wheat color. Customers are exceptionally pleased with their purchase, although these boots are not lightweight like the best lightweight combat boots, customers loved the price, comfort, and durability. A few customers seemed to have received a pair that were not constructed properly and they were promptly returned and some did complain about the break-in period taking longer than they would like with blisters being the result. Overall, for the price these are a fantastic boot for tough conditions.

4. Lugz Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot

This Lugz work boot expands and improves off of the older classic 6 inch work boot previously designed and constructed by the company. It contains a synthetic sole that is designed to last. One of its great features is the very well cushioned insole and padded collar for maximum comfort, allowing you to lean and bend and not get blisters around your ankle. The traction is exceptional for you to keep your balance and keep you from falling and injuring yourself causing you to miss work, and in the end, not get paid. Constructed with the highest quality of leather, this boot is made to last and be punished. you will not be disappointed. A solid boot for an even better price.

5. Oliver 65 series Steel Toe Leather Mining Boots

These are boots are not for joking around. These are for the big dogs working in the oil, gas and mining industries. Everyone knows that the work up there can be extremely treacherous and dangerous. You need the BEST gear and equipment out there, no questions asked. These boots prevent cuts and abrasions due to the liquid resistant leather upper that is set extra high also protecting from other harmful substances such as minerals, oils, acids, alkalies and even animal fats. They contain a shock absorbing midsole and a strong outsole made of rubber. Excellent traction is provided by the slip resistant all-terrain outsole. These boots can withstand heat up to 572F/300C. They come at a bit more of a hefty price, but you know you are getting one of the best boots for the industry where safety is always number one. Don't mess around and put your own safety and health in jeopardy. Spend the extra money and know you are protected!


Best Construction Boots

Construction workers, men and women, work very hard. It is not an easy job. They need to be prepared for what the day or night brings and have the equipment to get them through every shift. If you are not well prepared there is a good chance you could get hurt. Remember, having a solid pair of the Best Construction Boots is a primary step to being ready for the job. Having the confidence in your gear will give you confidence at the work site. Treat your body properly in a profession that is tough physically. Get the right pair of work boots to fit your needs. Cheers

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