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Introduction to cooling towels...

Have you ever wondered if there is any easy, cheap way to stay cool on a long hot summers day working in the yard. Or when you are drenched in sweat at the gym after your daily workout? When you are on a tour down in the Maya Riveria checking out the ruins and desperately need a quick and easy way to lower your temperature, other than poring your 5$ bottle of water all over your face. You can fix all these problems, stay cool and dry with a high quality cooling towel. Yep, a cooling towel. Cooling towel’s are a simple, quick, cheap efficient way to stay cool and dry in the hottest, sweatiest of scenarios. They work when moist, by absorbing the heat from you and evaporating that heat with the moisture already in the towel.

best cooling towels

You need to make sure when buying a cooling towel that you do some research and get the proper cooling towel for your needs and what exactly you are doing to need the cooling towel. There is a wide variety of quality, sizes, styles, colors and applications. One thing is for certain, you do not want a cooling towel that does not do the job. When you need to beat the heat, you need to have a cooling towel that will do just this. Do not make the mistake of buying a cheap cooling towel. Do your homework, that is what this article is for; to allow you to understand what to look for and some of the most popular cooling towels out there today.

Top Cooling Towels...

1. Frogg Togg Chilly Pad

There is plenty of cooling towel products in the market today. Of the hundreds out there, is one that stands above the others, Frogg Togg’s Chilly Pad. The great thing about this product is how it is fully loaded with excellent characteristics to help anyone trying to desperately cool off. The Chilly Pad is washer machine friendly, and comes in many different colors and styles to suit anyone’s needs. The cool canister it comes with is an excellent way of storing if need be. Because of these many different characteristics, the Frogg Togg Chilly Pad is a top cooling towel in its class.

Made of a featherweight blend of PVA that soaks up moisture, the Chilly Pad comes in a 12X32 inch size. This is a little bigger than your average hand cooling towel, but is a fantastic size for working out as it does restrict any movements during and activity if draped over your shoulders. Due to the Chilly Pads lightweight (only 7.8) ounces, it makes a great tool if you plan on doing any travelling/backpacking or hiking/camping trips. The Chilly Pad has the ability to cool you off, and to not get your attire wet at the same time. Simply put, it keeps you dry and stores/wicks away any moisture. This is made possible by the towel having two different textures – a smooth side and less smooth side allowing for no leaking but high quality absorbing properties.

Frogg Togg’s Chilly Pad is a great product for a very reasonable price. You do not have to empty your wallet on this high quality cooling towel that will help keep you refreshed whenever need be.

2. Chill Pal Ultimate Cooling Towel

Although the Chill Pal Ultimate Cooling Towel does not rate as high as the Chilly Pad, don’t be mistaken, this cooling towel is very highly rated and comes with a low risk, lifetime guarantee/full refund if you are not completely satisfied with it’s quality and performance. It comes in an easy to store canister which makes taking the cooling towel with you that much easier. A great cooling towel for anyone in search of a useful, diverse, dependable means of staying cool and dry whenever and wherever need be.

The Ultimate Cooling Towel is a little larger than other cooling towels, measuring at 24X16 Inches. This gives you plenty of fabric to work with but not too much to make it uncomfortable or hard to carry. Constructed with top of the line PVA thicker than other cooling towels, the Ultimate Cooling Towel absorbs more moisture thus cooling and drying more efficiently than other cooling towels.

This cooling towel comes in different colors and only weighs 6.8 ounces, very lightweight and easy to travel with. It is fairly affordable on and has been getting great reviews. Washing machine friendly and up for any task, The Ultimate Cooling Towel could be the perfect way for you to stay cool this summer!

3. Boje Cooling Chill Towel

Another great selection when looking for a cooling towel is the Boje Cooling Chill Towel. This is a great little cooling towel, smaller than others which is great depending on what you are looking for. The clip on carrying case is a great feature for those looking to travel in hotter spots on the globe. A nice aspect of purchasing the Boje Cooling Chill Towel is the fact that they donate 5% of every purchase to an international development organization KIVA, so you can feel good about buying this towel.

Being the smallest cooling towel on the market, measuring at 33x6.5 inches, the Boje Cooling Towel can be very handy for smaller and younger individuals looking for a quick and easy way to cool off. Boje Cooling Towel is machine washable but be careful of stronger detergents and bleach as these may cause the cooling towel to deteriorate. Great for hiking and travellers with its special carrying case and clip to easily attach to any backpack, bag or piece of clothing to keep your hands free.

The Chilling Cooling Towel is available in blue, pink and black colors. If you are looking to start a new workout routine and get in shape, this cooling towel comes with exercise tips and ebooks to help you get there. As well, woman going through menopause found the cooling towel to be an excellent option to keep cool during bed time and not keep their partners awake with loud fans and AC units.

The Boje Cooling Chill Towel has received great reviews and has the ability to keep individuals up to 10 degrees cooler in the heat. If you are looking for a great gift for a loved one or want to treat yourself to an early Christmas present, don’t hesitate, the Boje Cooling Chill Towel is a fantastic choice and will not let you down. Very fairly priced with the quality to back it up.

4. Your Choice Instant Cooling Towel

Not all of us make a lot of money. So it can be tough sometimes when making purchases. The good news is if you want to keep cool and want to keep more money in your pocket, there is a cooling towel out there for you! The Your Choice Instant Cooling Towel is a great option for the frugal spender. This towel is priced amazingly at $12.99 and doesn’t sacrifice performance. It has received pretty darn good reviews for being so affordable.

One thing the Your Choice Cooling Towel does not have is the handy canister like other cooling towels to clip on to things such as backpacks, bags, clothes ect. Although this is not as an option as other storing canisters, it still does the job and keeps your towel small and compact for transport. This cooling towel is very lightweight and is an average size 16x32 inches. Be careful when washing this towel as it is not as durable as other cooling towels. This is partially due to the Your Choice Cooling Towel being made out of polyester, not PVA which also diminishes the towels ability to absorb water. The upside to this though is the lightweight and flexibility of the polyester.

So if you are looking for cheaper cooling towel that can still help with your excessive heat, the Instant Cooling Towel is a solid choice. Most reviews are happy with its lightweight, great for working out. Remember it does not obtain water as well as other cooling towels so you may have to wet your towel more regularly than the other cooling towels on the market.


best cooling towels

Let’s face it, being too hot sucks. Everyone loves the summer heat, but eventually it can get to be a little too much when you are running 10 kilometers in the middle of August. You need to stay cool. Heat exhaustion and stroke can be very critical situations that no one wants to find themselves in. Stay hydrated and use a cooling towel. Cooling towels are an affordable easy way of beating the heat. For work out junkies or world travellers, even for emergency responders, there is a cooling towel out there for anyone able to perform any job or tast

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