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The best pairs of boots are created using numerous components. The insole is one of the most important parts of these components. This is the part of your boot that touches the bottoms of your feet and separates them from the other layers between you and the ground beneath you. When you walk or run, you put an extreme amount of pressure and stress on your feet and knees. Because of this, an excellent pair of insoles can do a lot to help absorb the shock your body takes when it hits the ground with each step. The army decided to give insoles a shot and found that those who were given orthotics experienced far less stress and pressure related injuries in the feet and knees. They also discovered that older strains significantly improved. Getting the proper Insoles are important in any line of work where you are constantly on your feet, like Firefighting or EMS Responders.  Choosing a great pair of insoles is vital for the health of your feet, knees and joints. Some of our top choices are listed below for your convenience;

Insoles: Potentially the Single Most Important Part of your Boot

best insoles for combat boots

Many people don’t even think about getting, or using, an insole in either their boots or their shoes. This is one tip all of those who wear combat boots on a regular basis should not ignore. Running and marching at length can take its toll on your body, especially your feet. Many people reported that after they started using insoles, they began getting less blisters after their drills. Understandably, blisters can be extremely painful and hinder your performance. There is a lot to be said about ensuring that you buy the highest quality insole that your budget can allow. Your feet are important, and the use of a good insole in your boots can make a world of difference.

Reviews of the Best Insoles for Combat Boots....

1. Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles

The Spenco Unisex Earthbound Total Support insole is excellent for control of your motion and gives optimal support for use during training and drills. This insole is excellent for those who spend extended time on their feet. These insoles are also wonderfully eco-friendly and 55% of materials are made up of recycled items. The top sheet material is recycled fabric, and has a cork cushioning. It also uses recycled nylons and other reusable fabrics in the product. The insole has a system in place where 3 pods follow the usage of the foot. This buffers and cushions the strike points of the heels and pads of the feet, which provide excellent coverage. This brand is also antimicrobial which will help prevent odors!

2. Orthaheel Full Length Shock Absorber Orthotics

Orthaheel Shock Absorber Orthotics have integrated planar control to help with motion. The insole can also be adjusted with some trimming to create the ideal fit for you and your needs. These insoles are a wonderful option for those who train hard, or participate and take part in sports on a regular basis. Orthaheel has provided an extra cushioned heel portion tat extends it’s way to the forefoot which creates excellent shock absorption. These are also a great choice for those who have never worn an insole before, and are afraid of discomfort or awkwardness when walking. They also provide a layer of EcoFresh material which is antibacterial and will help reduce odor.

3. Sof Sole Airr Performance Insole

The Soff Sole Airr insole is the ideal choice for individuals that participate in high impact training and other activities that put a lot of strain, shock, and pressure on the feet and joints. There are air chambers built within, coupled with a polymer gel, that will help provide the optimal strike of your foot, cushioning each blow and absorbing the shock and helping to relieve the stress of feet and knees.

4. Powerstep ComfortLast Full Length Maximum Cushioning Insoles With Arch Supports

The ComfortLast Cushioning Full Length Insoles have a patented gel, and slow recovery foam technology, that help cushion and provide shock absorption for the feet and knees. These insoles offer the maximum amount of comfort for those who are hard on their feet. The plush layer throughout the insole help to make each step softer and reduce shock. The insoles also feature a foam which is specifically created for high impact and high usage. The foam is also adaptive and will mold to your specific foot over time.

5. SOLE Softec Response Arch Support Inserts

These insoles don’t just protect your feet from shock, they are also insulated and perfect for cold weather and frosty days! These inserts are medically accepted by the American Pediatric Medical Association. The product has a synthetic sole and contains no animals byproducts or products. The top is a thin layer that allows for added breathability and comfort where your foot makes contact with the insole. These are a great choice for personalized arch support that lasts through countless hours of being walked or marched on.

Final Thoughts...

best insoles for combat boots

When you are on your feet for long periods of time, there is no question that they will begin to suffer. That is even truer for those who have a career in the military. Your feet not only suffer from long periods of standing, but also go through rigorous training, drills, marching and hiking. Protecting and supporting your insoles of your feet should be of top priority, and will help you become more efficient and better at your physical tasks, as it eases some of the abuse that they are put through. Be sure to look into purchasing insoles for your boots as soon as you can, and spare no expense in finding the right pair for you. Check out our Best Military Boots and Best Combat Boots pages to match up with your insoles!

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