Best Lightweight Military Boots


If you want the style, durability, and utility offered in a military boot but you don’t want the inconvenience of heavy boots then lightweight military boots are exactly what you're looking for.

With great technological advances in the shoe industry, the military boot is now lighter than ever, without sacrificing any comfort or durability. Though most lightweight military boots are made specifically for combat, there are some that are geared towards civilian life. These boots can be worn while hunting, in extreme weather conditions like heavy snow and rain, and there are even fashion adaptations of lightweight military boots for those who want to dress with a little bit of edge.

Lightweight military boots are a great alternative to heavier ones and they don’t hold you back with extra pounds. Boots used in combat are relegated to specific colors (like tan, beige, and black) and manufacturers, but if you’re looking for a pair for everyday civilian life then the opportunities are endless. We’ve rounded up five great options for lightweight military boots. 

Lightweight Military Boots – The Beginning

The first documented use of lightweight military boots was during the Roman Empire. These boots have proven to be useful on the battlefield because of their traction, support, and durability. Soldiers across the world have been given military boots as a part of their combat uniform for all of modern history.

Unlike most elements of fashion and style, the military boot has remained true to its roots and continues to serve its utilitarian purpose of protecting and supporting soldiers in battle.

best lightweight military boots

Lightweight Military Boots & Fashion

The fashion industry seeks inspiration from all other industries and the military world is no exception. Military style has been adapted in pants (the rise of the camouflage pants), coats (like the double-breasted button coats) and, of course, shoes.

Civilian adaptations of the military boot have been around for many years and are available for both men and women in a variety of colors, styles, heights, and textures. Fashion-forward military boots make a great shoe for those with boho-chic and punk fashion styles.


1. Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot

If you’re looking for a high-performing lightweight military boot, look no farther than the Rocky C4T Trainer Duty. This boot has been used by combat soldiers all over the world.

They feature an 8” lace-up shaft and a round toe for great comfort and stability. The leather fabric construction is water resistant and fast-drying which means you can wear them without fear of the elements damaging them. The rubber sole provides the level of traction needed for combatThe boots can be useful in civilian life too, like hunting or hiking.

Pricing on this footwear ranges from $56 to $156 USD on depending on vendor and selected options. The product has earned itself a respectable 4.0 star rating with the majority of customer raving that these are the best lightweight military boots they have ever purchased. The very few negative reviews were mainly in regards to comfort. Unfortunately with footwear it is difficult to accommodate every single type of foot out there. These reviews were very few and far between.

2. Danner Men's Tachyon 8" Duty Boots

The Danner Men's Tachyon Uniform Boots are some of the lightest, weighing a total of 26 ounces, and most flexible boots on the market.

The synthetic 8.5” boot shaft keeps the boot not only lightweight, but also means the boot dries incredibly fast. The lace-up shaft is comfortable and snug and provides the stability you need in combat, training, hunting, or hiking. Great traction is provided by the complete rubber outsole and makes this boot ideal for all elements, including rain and snow.

Danner boots are known for their high standard of quality and attention to details. With prices ranging from $31 to $152 USD on Amazon these boots are highly affordable and boast a 4.4 star rating. Almost all customer reviews indicate that these boots are perfect for light duty work while some did indicate that they had durability issues.

3. COMBAT Jungle Boot Leather-Canvas Black, Men

The COMBAT Jungle Boot Leather-Canvas boot is a great classic, lightweight military boot. The fabric and leather construction keeps feet dry through any element. Additionally, the boot is constructed with vented holes that help with draining any residual moisture. The unlined upper shaft of the boot adds an extra level of ventilation and breathability, leaving your foot comfortable and cool regardless of the temperature.

You can be sure you’re safe with every step because of the rubber outsoles and cleat traction. At this price point, you can’t beat the features and benefits of the COMBAT Jungle Boot Leather-Canvas Boot.

These boots are only $35 USD on Amazon and are maintaining a 3.8 star rating. Although most customers were highly satisfied with the quality of this footwear, some do warn that the sizing is not what you would expect.

4. Oakley Men's Light Assault Military Boot

The manufacturer of your favorite high-technology sunglasses and sportswear brings you a lightweight military boot with a unique sneaker-inspired silhouette for extreme comfort. You can defy limits and push yourself harder in these boots with an 8.5” arch with a synthetic sole.

These are an investment that are sure to bring a return. The boots cost $140 - $154 USD and have a 4.2 star rating on Amazon. Customers were especially pleased with how lightweight and comfortable the boots are. A few reviewers seemed to have the odd durability issue but this was rare.

5. Under Armour Women's UA Valsetz RTS Boot

You can bet that one of the titans in the athletic industry would make a lightweight military boot to rival every other one. The Under Armour Women's UA Valsetz RTS Boot is a great option for women with special technology, Clutch Fti, that wraps your ankle with a ‘second skin’ for incredible support and comfort. For maximum comfort, check out the Most Comfortable Tactical BootsThe boot is water-resistant and perfect for any element whether your training, hiking, or hunting. The cushioned insoles will prove to be comfortable and supportive regardless of how hard you run or how high you climb. For extra comfort get a pair of the Best Insoles for Combat Boots!

These shoes defy the odds with their technological enhancements and are certainly worth the investment. Their cost ranges from $98 to $180 US and they have a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. Unsatisfied customers seemed to have had some durability issues but this is a rarity as most were over the moon with this product, especially in regards to fit and comfort.

Final Thoughts...

Technology is always improving with new and improved products coming out everyday. This could not be more true for military personnel and the equipment and technologies they are using. Faster, lighter, easier, stronger, longer-lasting, these are all things we hear of day in and out for improving our ways. Apply these improvements to military boots and you have a whole new beast on the market: The Best Lightweight Military Boots.

With many options, finding the pair of the best lightweight military boots specifically for your wants and needs may not be the easiest of processes, at least you have options, quality options to be precise. Although we here at First Response Tech cannot tell you which certain boot is exactly what you need, we hope that the reviews and information provided can help you narrow down what you are looking for. 

best lightweight military boots
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