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Military boots are often sought out due to their durability and flexibility to be able to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. Most military boots are great for marching or hiking through varying terrains, but what about when you need to pick up the pace? Often times boots are not particularly effective when it comes to running comfortably. They are heavy and can cause severe pain if not chosen properly.

If you think you are going to be doing a fair bit of running with your military boots, or your general boots there are specific aspects you should be focused on. Let's examine these as well as some of our picks for the best military running boots;

Running Boots Not Only Limited to Military Use...

With technologies now a days there are running boots for all different applications. You can find running boots for work, hiking, law enforcement, tactical, combat and many other different options. Running Boots now are not only very supportive and protective, but are considerably lighter and comfortable, and have a surprisingly athletic feel and dexterity. All this combined is what allows running boots to be exactly what they say they are....Running Boots. 

Lots of people find great use for running boots while hiking​. They receive the protection and support necessary for akward, winding, difficult terrains and also having the athleticism to perform through these obstacles. Outdoor lovers know all too well what it is like to get caught up in a hairy environment while enjoying nature and not having the proper pair of boots on your feet, especially if you are doing some sort of run on a trial. All these problems can be avoided, or at least mitigated and bring confidence and ease to your mind if you have a solid pair of running boots.

​Running boots are also very useful for Law Enforcement personnel and other first responder agencies. Allowing these emergency services to be quick on their feet when needed, and also providing the protection required in dangerous, life threatening situations. Police officers especially, or any other branch of law enforcement, can benefit immensely from a top quality pair of trusted running boots. 

Here are some top options for the Best Running Boots....

1. Under Armour Valsetz​

These particular boots are hard to categorize as they can be applied in many different situations an scenarios. They perform in many different ways and even have use in the winter as a running boot. These boots have amazing speed and support due to the Clutchfit technology designed by Under Armour to fit nice and snug to your foot undeniably. The speed in these boots outweighs the support.

The Under Armour Valsetz are built to absorb multiple crushing impacts due to the Micro G Foam Insole and will allow you to bounce from rock to rock improving your mobility and stability. If you work in construction or any trade or hard labor, there are no problems throwing these babies on, mind you they may not last as long as your typical construction steel toed work boot. 

2. 5.11 Tactical Skyweight Side-zip Boot

Here is the ultimate boot where featherweight  running agility matches up with the ability to be tactically inclined. With a super lightweight construction, the Skyweight Side-Zip Boot has excellent dexterity keeping you quick and slight on your feet. Your stability in this boot will also not be sacrificed, due to its nylon shank and a CMEVA midsole. Full-grain leather and an Ortholite insole make this boot unbelievably comfortable and a very sharp appearance.

The Skyweight Side-Zip has undeniable traction with arch and forefoot lugs along with a solid heel brake. For running, this boot has quick take off technology because of a slight drop from heel to toe, naturally alow you to propel forward with less effort and gaining more thrust. You will probably forget that you are even wearing boots when you are running, these babies are going to get you from point A to point B in no time.  Super comfortable, super fast, and fit for any tactical task.

3. Maelstrom Men's LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

Here is a cutting edge boot not only embraced by law enforcement personnel everywhere, but also great for anyone looking for a sturdy outdoorsy boot that can handle all types of terrains and running. Very carefully constructed and every detail is crafted to perfection.  Made of full-grain leather, comfortable breathing air mesh and suede.

The Landship contains a perforated foam padding which increases the boots ability to breathe and cool down your feet when doing anything active, including running. Great for wicking away moisture with its moisture wicking linings, this boot will do everything in its power to keep your feet cool. Your feet will stay protected, no matter what you are doing or where exactly you are running due to the Landships excellent ability to absorb impacts and any shock protecting your whole body from harmful effects do to high impacts. This shock absorbing system not only protects you but gives you optimal comfort along with stability and speed to give you the fullest advantage.

The side zipper will provide you with getting these babies on and off very easily and quickly so you do not have to worry about fumbling around to throw them on if you are  a first responder of some sort. Durable, comfortable, stable and ready for any athletic person, the Landship offers a great variety of features to push you to the next level.

    Now lets take a look at the Best Military Running Boots...

    What Makes a Good Military Running Boot?

    The style and features of your military boots have a significant effect on your mobility and comfort, finding the correct features that allow for comfortable running is very important. Here is what you should be looking for;

    • Weight: Obviously if you choose a heavier boot it will make running difficult and tiring. If you fin yourself a lightweight (yet durable) pair of military boots you will notice a vast difference in your capacity to run long distances and your stamina.

    • Shock Absorption: Finding a military boot with well cushioned insoles is an important feature. This will provide shock-absorption which will reduce the stress on your feet.

    • Terrain Type: Military boot soles vary widely between models and manufacturers. It is important to consider whether you will be running through sand, mud, rocks, etc. In order to customize your desired boot material selection. Need Waterproof combat boots? Reviews here of best Waterproof Combat Boots.

    • Environmental Conditions: The environmental conditions you will be subjected to will play a role in boot selection. If you are located in a dry, arrid dessert region, you will be looking for something that breathes. If you are located in the Pacific Northwest, you will want waterproof boots to combat the rainfall.

    * Boot Shape: It is important to get a boot shape that matches your foot style. Choosing an improper boot can lead to severe discomfort caused by blisters, bunions and foot cramping.

    • Ridged Insoles: If you choose an insole that is ridged, you will be offered more balance and comfort. Interested in insoles? Check out our reviews on the Best Insoles for Combat Boots!

    • Dense Midsoles: If the midsoles are dense and stiff, it will increase shock absorption to reduce the load on your feet. It is important to find a balance though, because the denser the midsole, the heavier the boot.

    best military running boots


    1. Rothco 5368 6" Desert Tan Forced Entry Deployment Boot - Men's

    These attractive tan boots are ISO 9001 certified. They are breathable and made of suede and mesh with an Eva midsole, rubber outter sole, mountaineer sole, a steel shank and 5 eyelet lacing.

    They are offered at an affordable price tag of $64 to $67 US and have a 4.0 star rating on Amazon. The majority of customers who have purchased these boots are very pleased with the quality to price ratio, the comfort and the durability. Customers do warn however that the boots are larger than normal sizing would indicate and to order them smaller than usual. It is also recommended that the laces be changed out to a higher quality.

    2. Belleville 390 Hot Weather Boot

    These fantastic hot weather boots by Belleville are priced between $126 to $155 US and have earned themselves a 4.2 star review on Amazon.

    These boots are full-grain cowhide leather with a nylon upper lip and a Vibram sole. They have been specially designed to be sturdy and rugged while providing added mobility.

    The Vibram outsole was constructed with Vanguard running shoe sole construction. They are also odor-reducing, anti-microbial lined boots with a cushioned polyurethane midsole. Customers are thrilled due to the lightweight, comfortable, durable nature of these boots. One customer even raved about how they immediately felt like running shoes and not military boots. Customer complaints were few and far between, mostly due to sizing issues.

    3. Original S.W.A.T. Men's Chase Low Tactical Boot

    These low tactical boots look like black leather running shoes. They are made from a nylon/leather mixture with a leather sole. They have been constructed with board-lasted strobe to equal the comfort of running shoes.

    The heel and toe are custom-moulded thermoplastic designed for lateral support and added comfort. The lining is moisture resistant and antimicrobial. These shoe-style boots are affordable at a price range of $59 to $93 US with a 4.0 star rating. Customers were exceptionally pleased with the comfort offered by this footwear.

    Many customers use them for long walks and have no complaints. They accommodate wider feet and are long-lasting and durable. People who had issues with these boots mentioned that the size they purchased wasn't correct and caused foot pain. These were few and far between.

    4. Belleville 500 USMC Waterproof Desert Tan 8" Combat Boot, Made in USA

    Another winning boot from Belleville, these waterproof combat boots are made in the United States specifically for military personnel. They have a marine logo on the back heel and are made with full-grain cowhide leather and a nylon fabric upper rim.

    The midsole is cushioned polyurethane and removable. Just like the other Belleville boot, these also have the Vibram outsole with the Vanguard running shoe sole. Women should note that these boots should be ordered two sizes smaller. These 4.5 star rated combat boots have customers raving about their quality, comfort, durability, light weight and appeal.

    Many state that these are the best boots they have ever owned. They are priced between $180 and $210 US but for a boot that will last over a decade, the boot is worth every penny.

    5. Belleville 639ZCT Men's Hot Weather Side-Zip CT Green Olive Leather Boots

    Belleville certainly seems to be the go to company when you need a quality military boot, be it for running or combat or simple fashion.

    These attractive, high quality olive green boots are priced between $150 and $190 US and have a 4.3 star rating on Amazon. The real perk of these boots is the side zipper for easy removal.

    They have all the qualities a person would want in a military running boot including a rubber sole, breathable materials, removable insole insert, and the Vanguard running shoe sole

    6. Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Duty Boot

    Some of the lightest, weighing a total of 26 ounces, and most flexible boots on the market, are the The Danner Men's Tachyon Uniform Boots.

    The synthetic 8.5” boot shaft keeps the boot not only super lightweight, but also helps the boot dry incredibly fast. The lace-up shaft is extra comfortable and snug and provides the best stability you need in combat, training, hunting, or hiking and is extremely useful for long distance running or quick sprints. Great traction is provided by the complete rubber outsole and makes this boot ideal for all elements, including running through rain and snow.

    Danner boots have always been known for their high standard of quality and attention to detail making Danner one of the highest touted and popular boot companies out there today, with an excellent reputation.

    With prices ranging from $31 to $152 USD on Amazon these boots are highly affordable and boast a 4.4 star rating. They have excellent customer reviews and have been raved on for their ability to withstand a beating and not tire the legs due to the lightness. If you need to be running these are fantastic as your legs will not tire and you will be supported.

    Final Thoughts...

    Let's face it, when you join the military, you are going to be involved in a fair bit of physical activity, running included. You may require a pair of military running boots that allow you to be quick on your feet, are comfortable and you can wear long hours at a time and not get your feet sore. Make sure to cool down with the Best Cooling Towels after running your ass off.

    Finding a pair of the Best Military Running Boots will help you achieve more faster, literally. Technology has improved vastly over the past 20 years with military boot design and construction to the point where they are almost as light as running shoes and still offer the comfort, support, durability and traction needed to perform military tasks.  You even have companies such as New Balance providing the Best New Balance Tactical Boots.

    Now that you have a little more knowledge of what to look for and read about some of the top military running boots out there on the market today, you can go out there and purchase a pair in confidence. Do not take your safety for granted, get the best running military boot for you so you can perform your job to the best of your ability.

    best military running boots
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