Best New Balance Tactical Boots


Any time you are adding something that is man made to your body, it is important to seek out the best in protection as well as comfort. This is especially true when it comes to footwear. New Balance is a company that has a long running reputation for providing affordable, comfortable and high quality products. This is why New Balance tactical boots boast some exceptionally high customer ratings and reviews, with buyers proclaiming their loyalty to the brand. Let's take a look at some of New Balance's top customer choices for tactical footwear;

New Balance – The Company

For more than 100 years, New Balance has stuck to the belief that humans were born to move. The company prides itself on assisting athletes and those who live an active lifestyle achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. New Balances blends fashion and functionality in order to offer performance based footwear that looks aesthetically appealing and is durable.

Why New Balance Tactical Boots?

* They are built to prevent injuries or strain

* They will withstand the weight of carrying heavier loads

* They can endure the toughest terrains over a prolonged period of time

* They protect against wildlife encounters (ei. ticks, ants, venomous snakes, etc.)


best new balance tactical boots


1. New Balance Men's Abyss II 8-inch Tactical Boot

The Abyss II is specifically engineered to withstand being submerged underwater. The sides of the boot have been designed with patent pending technology that allow for draining ports to be included. This will allow for instant removal of water and will help with drying time. Some of its other features include; fitting most XL fin pockets, high-abrasion upper material, reinforced toe and heel, reticulated foam used for all upper padding and Tactical Rubber Technology. If you spend most of your time outdoors on your feet, you may want to consider these boots for your next purchase. These economically priced boots are receiving great reviews on Customers are especially thrilled with the price, quality and capacity to drain and dry out quickly.

2. New Balance Tactical Men's Tab 6-inch Zip Boot Work Boot

The main feature in this sporty tactical boot is its ability to breath. This helps keep your feet healthy and dry, even during those busy, long days. This tactical boots strives to combine the comfort of every day shoes, with the soles, stability and protection of a good boot. These boots will keep you going through a day of hiking, or running through your drills with minimal wear and tear on your feet. For the price of these boots the reviews are gleaming. Multiple customers did have issues with sizing, indicating that they were half a size smaller than needed. Those customers that got the right fit were highly impressed with the comfort and quality of the boot.

3. New Balance Tactical Men's Bushmaster 8-inch Work Boot

The Bushmaster Work Boots have been specially designed with double reinforced lacing loops that are sturdy and meant to last. They do a wonderful job of keeping your round laces tied tightly without slipping. The upper part of the boot was created to help keep you cool. They are designed for breathability even while being used under hard working and hot conditions. The sides were created of large mesh sections which help with ventilation and keep your feet cool all day long with the addition of suede to lend a soft flexibility to the boot. The soles have been created to be non-squeak, and are made of high traction Vibram technology. The midsole is shock resistant with firm traction support that will help steady your steps and will better help you grip slippery surfaces. For added durability and lifespan, the toe and heel have also been reinforced so you can enjoy your boots for a long time.

4. New Balance Tactical Men's Tab 8-inch Lace Work Boot

These comfortable and good looking boots with Ortholite foot beds are known for their support and cushioning. They are created with new technology that helps prevent them from retaining odors so your boots stay as fresh smelling as possible for as long as possible, even after heavy use. The inner foam of the boots is lightweight and breathe well to help your feet from over heating and sweating, which can cause many problems which can affect comfort and wear-ability. Another great feature of these particular boots is the addition of low compression set which will allow for the materials of the sole to remain consistent through out the entire lifespan of the product, making it a great purchase.

5. New Balance Tactical Men's Rappel Mid Hiking Shoe

Although these shoes are technically classified as a hiking shoe, they are worth mentioning. This shoes are made in the USA and come with variable sausage laces that will not come untied like so many other brands of hiker. The fabric is a split suede and air mesh with a full-length Ortholite footbed that is removable, lightweight and breathable. The shank offers added support from its composite material that aids in carrying heavier loads. The shoe comes in standard, medium or wide widths to accommodate any foot type. These attractive shoes are affordable and esthetically appealing. You can’t go wrong with New Balance Hiking Shoes!


When you are shopping for any form of footwear you will want to be sure to know everything you need to ahead of time, and be sure they fit the criteria you are looking for. Be sure to know your size, and what you will be doing in the tactical boot of choice before making your purchase. But one thing to be sure of is that New Balance Tactical Boots will have you covered.

best new balance tactical boots
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