Best Police Boots

Best Police Boots

Everyday we are fortunate enough to have the protection of law enforcement, keeping people and their homes safe. These brave individuals put their lives on the line every day.

It would only be fitting that these heroes have the comfort, durability and reliability of a high quality police boots to keep them strong and light on their feet, prepared to react. Put yourself in their shoes, literally.

Could you imagine being in a intensely high pressure situation where your life and the lives of others are potentially on the line, you are going to want your gear to perform, especially in terms of your mobility.

Having this confidence in your boots is imperative to your performance and overall clear state of mind. 

Comfortable Police Boots

Police boots come in numerous varieties and brands such as Nike (yes Nike), Converse, Under Armour, Blackhawk, Original SWAT, Reebok and Altama are just a few to start. These police boots, in order to be of high significance to a law enforcement official, must be strong, reliable, comfortable, durable and ready to take on the unpredictable and often harsh environments that a police officer faces daily keeping us Americans safe.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Police Boots...

Not only are police boots used by policemen, these boots are also used by SWAT teams, Military personnel, Paramedics, Firefighters and everyday hardworking men and women.

The police boots are designed and built so able-bodied that you wont even know you have on a high-quality police boot. These are the babies that are going to be with you in every high risk emergency you find yourself in, so make sure you pick them wisely and have a little insight on what to pick before you purchase.

By reading this article, you will have just that. Remember, Policemen work long hard hours, are constantly on their feet, and sometimes have these boots on for over 14hrs straight, comfort is KEY!!!  

And if you want EXTRA added comfort consider getting insoles.

Like many good Americans, we enjoy nice hike in the back country of Montana, fishing on the rivers of Washington, going on hunting excursions in the mountainous terrains of Colorado, camping along the coast of Oregon, or going on beautiful hikes along the rolling hills of California. And what is ALWAYS important in all these scenarios? Yep, you guessed it – Boots. Like I said before, these top end police boots are up for the task for virtually anything.

If you want to prevent injuries, plantar fasciitis and improve your performance on your feet, getting a solid pair of good quality police boots can help you achieve your goals and be confident in doing so.

Police Boots for all Climates...

For us down in the south, we understand how temperatures can get sizzling well beyond comfortable. The last thing you want to deal with after chasing down a crook is moldy athletes’ foot. Not to worry, Police boots come in breathable styles designed to help keep you dry. Mesh and SuperFabric are used to assist in ventilation of the feet. Now you can work hard, get the job done and stay cool doing so.

Nobody enjoys a rainy day; the grey, the wetness, everything sucks. At least you know you will be able to keep dry in Police Boots built with VIBRAM high performance rubber. You stay dry and you stay grounded as this material is anti-slip and fortified with extra grip technology to allow safe, efficient police operations in the worst of conditions. VIBRAM high performance rubber has come a long way and is something you can count on.

Don’t sacrifice a sprained ankle, or torn groin because you don’t want to spend the extra dollar and a high quality boot. Remember that high quality boots will not only support you physically but will support your job performance as well. Spend a few more Benjamin’s on a top of the line Police Boot and they will last longer, and so will you on duty. Your safety is priority #1. All these prestigious Police Boots come with steadfast warranties so you can stay confident no matter what situation presents itself.

Style isn’t a part of police boots is it? You’re wrong! Police boots come in many different colors including black, grey, beige, camo, brown, dark green ect. There are also a variety of styles including low cut, high cut, athletic designs and more. They have many shape parameters to fit every size and shape of feet – minimalist, zero drop, youth size, extra wide, knee high, narrow width and wide feet. Variety is never short when it comes to police boots, the options are incredibly vast making shopping for police boots quite exciting!

Best Police Boot Reviews...

1. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot

The most well reviewed and popular boot is the Rocky C4T Tactical Boot. These boots rated highest in breathability, comfort and flexibility. They have excellent lightweight features increasing you security and mobility, even more so than the Danner Boots.

Highly water resistant and quick dry technology allow these boots to be versatile in any type of environment. You will feel like you are rocking a new pair of top quality running shoes with no restrictions to swiftness and agility. Very popular in style as well, so if you are concerned about looking good while kicking ass, these boots are a no brainer.

I highly recommend the Rocky C4T Tactical to anyone looking to get the most out of a Police Boot. It is a safe play and would be a fantastic choice for almost anyone. You can no go wrong with these.

2. Danner Acadia Uniform Boot

Runner up is the Danner Acadia Tactical Boot. One of the most well known and trusted boots for Police Officers from all over the world. A common compliment of these boots is their ability to last and stay at the same comfort level throughout their whole career on your feet. Ideal stability and support is achieved through 8 inches of top quality cordura and leather. Top it off with state of the art stitch down construction and a high level Vibram sole.

These Police boots go very well with the force because they go so well with official uniforms. They are built with a underfoot platform for exceptional grip, stability and traction. Like the C4T’s, these boots will keep you as comfortable as high end running shoes and prevent aching sore feet.

A fantastic choice for anyone serving in law enforcement and public safety. Danner has always had a great reputation and the quality to back it up, so you know if you purchase this boot, you are getting a boot you can trust.

3. Original SWAT Metro 9 Tactical SZ Air Work Boot

The Best all around boot off our list. These boots are good for literally everything. Hiking, hunting, work, you name it, these boots have you covered. Why – these boots are more comfortable, high quality , and you get the most out of spending less.

A very durable and feather-light boot made with high quality leather is made easy to get in and out of (for all you Firefighters out there) with its compressed size and side zipper. Original Swat Men’s Tactical Air Work Boot has outstanding traction and grip in any rough terrain and weather due to the outsole being stitched at the heel and toe of the boot. Highly slip resistant and highly trusted. Your feet will stay warm and dry with a breathable waterproof membrane.

In terms of defects, none to be found in this boot. This boot is highly recommended for ANYONE who are looking to enjoy a high quality, well priced tactical boot

4. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Side Zip Tactical Boot

These lightweight and comfortable boots will make any lower limb pain disappear. They have outstanding support and are some of the most durable boots offered to public safety personnel in a very long time. If you are in the Public Safety business, these boots are a great option. They are beginning to soar in popularity and are becoming a hot item in the market. These could even substitute for EMS boots.

Not only do you look good in the boots, you perform good in these boots. Comfort-ability, great flexibility, style, amazing traction, and breath-ability make this shoe one of the best. The water resistant material will keep your feet warm and dry as well. One down fall of these boots is the fact they are slightly heavier than other tactical boots, but remember, the quality is still there.

The weight shouldn’t be a problem, not enough to make a big difference. It is too minuscule of a weight increase to seriously affect performance, cause fatigue or to be concerned about. If it does, well, maybe you should consider a career change.

5. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

This popular boot provides lots of diversity with many size and weight options. A high cut collar, waterproof leather, dry tech lining and cushioned sole make for a tremendous feel while wearing this boot. The mesh material allows for maximum breathability.

Spider 8.0 has a tough and rugged outsole providing a tremendous amount of traction and grip in any weather or terrain, as rough as they get. If you are going to be in the outdoors and doing alot of trekking, this boot will keep your feet cool and dry. Not suggested for dangerous work due to no steel toe option.

Final Thoughts on the Best Police Boots...

So remember, when it comes to The Best Police Boots, quality is never looked past and should be your number 1 priority to allow you maximum performance. You want a boot that is filled with comfort and oozing performance.

Police work is tough work that requires persistence and relentlessness, so why should you not expect the same out of your equipment, especially your number 1 form of transportation. Any of these Top 5 Boots are fantastic choices and will not disappoint.

Whether it’s the top rated Rocky Men’s C4 Tactical Boot, the well rounded Original SWAT Metro 9 Tactical SZ Air Work Boot, the “Outdoor Proof” Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot, the support and durability of the Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Side Zip Tactical Boot, or the most trusted boot of Police Officers around North America – the Danner Acadia Uniform Boot, you’ll know you made the right choice and be able to trust every step you take.

Get out there, be confident, be proud and keep doing everything in your power to protect your people and your country. Keep being someone people can respect, trust and turn to when in need of help. Keep being a Police Officer.

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