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Best EMS Boots

​Getting Started...

For your everyday blue-collared worker, I am sure the footwear you throw on everyday before work first thing in the morning is a good quality boot. Whether you’re a construction worker, a heavy machinery operator, an electrician, a landscaper, or even a truck driver, supporting your feet is very important to your performance and comfort.

 The same goes, if not more so for Paramedics, First Responders and EMS workers. EMS workers are constantly on their feet, walking up and down stairs, jumping in an out of their emergency vehicles, and serving the public. Their shifts are long and grueling, and the last thing they need to deal with is sore, uncomfortable, sweaty, worn down feet.

The great thing about top quality EMS Boots is you can also use them of the job as well for many other situations and activities. Due to the high quality and durability of the EMS boots we will be taking a look at, they can be a very versatile tool. Activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, yard work, contracting or any other side work, EMS boots will get the job done.

Things to look for...

There are a number of qualities you should look for when choosing EMS Boots. Remember to take the time and do your research before purchasing EMS Boots. Let’s take a look at some of the main points to cover before deciding which boot will suit your EMS needs

1. ComfortWhen you work long hours on your feet, you are going to want to be comfortable. The more comfortable the boot is the easier it will be for you to get through the day. Uncomfortable boots that do not fit to your feet correctly can eventually cause blisters, pain and irritation which will affect your performance, especially if you already have an ailment such as plantar fasciitis. Comfort is key.

2. DurabilityIf you cannot rely on your boot to last, what good are they to you? You need to have an EMS Boot that you can trust will last through the job. Depending on your financial situation, you are probably better off spending a little bit more on a high quality boot that you know will last longer than spending less and having your boot deteriorate overnight.

         3. Lightweight Being able to perform at 100% from the start of your shift to the end of your shift will depend a lot upon how heavy your EMS Boots are. Obviously, the lighter your boot is the less energy you will expel throughout the day or night. Heavy boots can cause fatigue and clumsiness when moving around.

4. Waterproof/Moisture WickingEMS workers work hard, and are in very high pressure situations, so yes you guessed it, they sweat. Being able to stay dry will allow you to be comfortable and  perform your best.  Having an EMS Boot that can prevent water from entering the boot and wisp away sweat from the insider out will give you the best chance to be content while you work, so you can focus on the task at hand.

5. Traction Having the ability to grip to any terrain and stay grounded is very important. Slips and falls are very common in this line of work. Your safety is the number one priority in any line of emergency public safety.  EMS workers tend to find themselves in sticky situations as well, tight awkward positions trying to get a patient out, good grip will allow you to do so minus the injuries.

6. SupportSupport just like traction will help prevent any sprains or breaks to your ankles or even knees. This again is very important as you want to be to be at work, not booked off with injuries. Find a boot that will provide maximum support.

       7. Flexibility/AgilityThe more you can bend and move the more useful you are on the job.  Ask any EMT or Paramedic, stiff boots are a big disadvantage when it comes to your performance.  EMS Boots that allow you a full range of motion will help you when in a tight squeeze or pinch.

Best EMS Boots

How about we take a look at my 5 top rated, Best EMS Boots on the market today shall we....?

Top 5 Rated EMS BOOTS

1. Rocky Men's 8 Inch 1st Med 911-113 Puncture Resistant Work Boot

This is a boot that transcends all other boots for paramedics and EMT’s, it is truly an amazing breakthrough in EMS Boots. If you have a career in the emergency medical field, this is a boot you should definitely consider, really consider. The outer coating is blood borne pathogen resistant, preventing any infections or contamination. The carbon fibre safety toe provides the same amount of protection as a steel toe, but weighs half as much

Constructed with natural full grain nylon and leather mesh for perfect agility, this boot has the flexibility to get you around from “A” to “B” no problem. The Rocky First Med’s interior is waterproof and moisture wicking so it will keep your feet cool and dry in all types of situations. In fact, the whole boot, bottom, interior, exterior, is completely waterproof. The side zipper provides easy, quick on off application. The slip resistant traction of the Rocky First Med provides maximum stability in any type of terrain or environment

Overall you really cannot go wrong with this boot. It is one of the top ranked Best EMS Boots on the market and for all the bang this boot will provide you, its worth the bucks. The Rocky First Med will satisfy all your needs as an EMS worker and more, you can’t go wrong

​2. 5.11 Men's A.T.A.C. 6" Side Zip Boot

One of my favorite boots for EMS workers, they are both highly functional and surprisingly innovative. Lightweight, comfortable and durable, these pair of boots will keep you light on your feet for those long days and longer night shifts.

The breathable padding is offers anti-bacterial moisture wicking lining to keep your feet cool and dry in any climate you might be working in. With shock mitigation coupled with oil and slip-resistant outsole, you’ll be fully protected while avoiding disastrous slips. 

The hightop style offers lots of support and protects ankles from harmful elements and objects which you’ll surely encounter on-scene. The boots adhere to OSHA and ASTM standard, plus a warranty against any defects you might encounter in materials

The 5.11 Mens A.T.A.C. 6” Side Zip Boot is an excellent overall boot which in fact I use to own a pair and very much enjoyed using them. They lasted me over 2 years in the Fire Service and never wore down. I never had any issues with this boot and had full trust that they would perform to my needs. They come in a wide variety of sizes,  they even have a E-Wide feet option which in fact I had as well.  A great boot, a solid price.

3.Bates Ultra-Lites 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Work Boot

If you are concerned about safety and protection not only of your feet but also your ankles and shins,  then an efficient pair of EMS Boots to provide you with these qualities is the Bates Ultra-Lites Tactical Boot.

Made from top-quality Wolverine Warrior leather and denier ballistic nylon, not only are these boots very lightweight and very flexible, they are also very solid, durable and sustainable that will last you a long time.

These boots are very comfortable and easy to maintain. You can spend many hours and your feet will not fatigue or sore due to its heavily cushioned removable insert and reinforced EVA midsole.

These Ultra Lites have a rubber slip-resistant outsole for fantastic grip no matter where you are. The side zip allows quick in and out ability. Waterproof, and a breathable lining for top quality ventilation will keep your feet cool and dry.

4. ​Danner Men's Acadia 8" Boot

Danner is one of the most well-known, all-around top quality engineer’s of all types of boots, including some of the Best EMS Boots on the market today. Never seeming to fail or let anyone down, Danner always offers an outstanding product. The Danner Acadia 8’ Boot is another outstanding boot built to work and work and work and work. 

The Danner Acadia 8’ Boot is constructed with water-proof materials such as full-grain waterproof leather. It also features 1000 Denier Cordura nylon and Dry-lex Moisture wicking lining to keep your feet breathing and dry. The Gore-tex breathable liner just adds to the ventilation of whoever is wearing them

Another fantastic feature about this boot is its ability to support and protect the user’s feet and ankles with its 8” fiberglass shaft. You will not have to worry about spraining your ankle in these beauties. The puncture-resistant steel plate midsole will keep you safe if you happen to walking somewhere with sharp needles or anything that may puncture and cause harm to your health.

The Danner Acadia has some of the best traction in the business with its superior outsole and shock-absorbing characteristics. These boots are great for any environments that may be slippery or rugged as you will stay grounded and stable.

​ This boot comes in many variety of sizes and is also available for women in their sizes.  The Danner Acadia 8” is guaranteed to last and provide maximum support for any Emergency Medical Workers.

5. Blunstone 5-10 Slip on Boots

These boots are excellent for any type of first response worker. They are quick and easy to take on and off and very popular throughout many work forces. People are quick to note how comfortable and durable these Blunstones are. 

Manufactured from black top of the line oil-tanned leather, the elastic sided Blunstone 510 Slip-On Boots have some of the best comfort in the business today. These boots hold up from their high-quality material, even after long periods of time, so you can be confident that they will stay comfortable for a long time. Basically waterproof, your feet will stay dry along with its breathe-ability.

Your feet will not get sore as they have an excellent insole providing maximum support,  and they prevent knee and lower back pain from its ability to absorb shocks and shifts in heavy weight. Your feet will still stay protected with all of its features. Top protection often sacrifices heavyweight, not the Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boots. They are quite light in weight and will not lack in the ability to perform and provide dexterity for its user.

It is very difficult to find a boot that has it all and all for a very good price that matches what the Blunstone 5-10 has. This boot is not too expensive and still offers everything an EMS Responder would want from his or her work boot. Not in one quality does it come close to lacking any sort of weakness. For the long hard hours you put in day and night, stay protected and comfortable. The Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boot is my favorite, and many other emergency personnel around the globe.


Best EMS Boots

It is a very tough job as an EMS worker, you are constantly seeing the worst of people’s everyday lives. It is very demanding emotionally, mentally and physically. You need to be a strong person inside and out and have a strong desire to be the best you can be. By having a pair of the Best EMS Boots, not only will you have to confidence that your feet will be dry, comfortable and not sore at the end of a long shift, you will know no matter what the day or night shift bring you, you will have to support necessary underneath you to get you through it.