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Best Firefighter Station Boots

Firefighters are amongst some of the bravest, most humble hard working individuals in this day and age. They work long hard hours, at times all throughout the night, not get any shut eye, constantly on their feet. It is very demanding profession, emotionally, mentally and of course physically. 

In order to be able to be able to be productive and maintain a solid foundation, firefighters need footwear that can handle long punishing hours at the station. When it comes to the best firefighter station boots, there are some things you need to insure are provided.



1. Comfortable – working sometimes up to 24hrs straight, you need to have a boot that can provide maximum comfort from the first second you boot on your boot until the final 24th hour you take your boots off.  If you are comfortable, your feet are happy, which means you are happy

2. Durable – You need to know that your firefighter station boots are going to last and be able to handle the work you are performing. Your station boots will take a beating and if they are not up for the task, they shouldn’t be on your feet. The last thing you need is your station boots failing on you, causing some sort of foul up, or even worse, a pointless injury putting you out of duty for who knows how long.

3. Lightweight – Having a pair of firefighter station boots that feel like you are wearing brand new top of the line runners is essential when deciding what boots to go with. This will prevent fatigue and increase your energy throughout the day. Remember the long hours these guys and girls put in? Well having a feather-light station boot is going to make you an all-star.

4. Quick “On and Off” ability – Anyone who is a firefighter, whether it be a volunteer in a small community, a paid on call in a mid-sized city, or a full time professional firefighter in New York City, knows you need to be able to put take your firefighter station boots on and off immediately when the tones go off. You cannot be sitting there wasting precious and valuable time stumbling around trying to get your boots off, people’s lives LITERALLY depend on you responding as a fast as possible. This is a very, very important quality to a firefighter station boot.

5. Supportive – If your firefighter station boot cannot support you, how can you support yourself? Or your team mates around you expecting you to be able to help out whenever needed.  Having a boot with the ability to keep you grounded and supported is a must. 

6. Flexible – Sometimes you will find yourself in some pretty hairy situations as a firefighter and you will not nessaccerly be in your bunker gear. You need to be able to move, twist, and bend in all ways and you do not want a station boot that is going to restrict your mobility.  Your agility, dexterity and ability to move will definitely help your performance throughout a long hard day.

7. Waterproof/Moisture wicking – As a firefighter, working long hard hours and constantly on your feet, yes you will sweat and yes there is water involved in the profession. That being said, you will need a boot that allows your feet to breath, and one that will keep water from soaking through. Keeping your feet cool and dry prevents athletes foot and discomfort, allowing you to perform and be happy doing it. Happy feet equals happy a happy you equals a happy firefighter equals a happy community. 

best firefighter station boots

 Now lets take a look at 5 of the top Firefighter Station Boots on the market today....

Top 5 Firefighter Station Boots...

 1.       5.11 Tactical Men’s Company 2.0 Boot

Here is a Firefighter station boot that is the full package. The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Company 2.0 Boot has a lot to offer. This is a great comfortable, lightweight and supportive boot.  The Quick Call collar and kick plate feature provide excellent on/off ability. The long hours will not be a problem due to the injection-molded phylon midsole, composite shank and OrthoLite sockliner providing top of the line stability and comfort.

Built with full-grain leather and an antibacterial and moisture-wicking liner, the 5.11 Tactical Men’s Company 2.0 Boot have both amazing durability and keep your feet dry for the long hall. Do not worry about slipping on an oil spill or residual water left over after filling the tank in your engine because your probie screwed up, the oil/slip resistant outsole, climbing lugs and multidirectional traction lugs provide superior traction and excellent mobility.

This boot has it all. Keep in mind, you do not have to break the bank either with these boots. You pay for a good boot and you get an EXCELLENT boot that will last you a long time. 

2.       Danner Men’s Station Office 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot

I know this boot has “office” and “law enforcement” in its title, but don’t be fooled, this boot is much more than an office or law enforcement boot. It is very diverse with its purposes, multi-purposes.

Even though it is ideal for cops, it is also ideal for uniformed professionals such as paramedics, security workers and firefighters. It has an excellent slip on and off feature providing a quick response to whatever the day brings. You will stay dry your feet will breathe easily with the Danner Men’s Station Office 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot due to its moisture-wicking spacer mesh lining.  The full-grain leather offers exceptional durability, able to withstand the toughest of environments and can be quickly cleaned and polished, perfect for anyone on the floor of a fire hall.

​A good boot for a good price, The Danner Men’s Station Office 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot will be there for you right from your first step.

3.       Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Work Boot

This is a top of the line firefighter station boot. Everything from durability, to comfort, to lightweight to breathable, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Work Boot will not let you down in any situation.

Prevent sore feet with its shock-absorbing polyurethane heel and forepart pads on the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate insert. Full-grain leather and ballistic nylon upper provide maximum durability for any terrain or environment you find yourself in. The nylon side zipper with leather tab offers solid on/off ability.  You do not have to worry about slips and falls with its Ultra-Lites rubber outsole being oil and slip resistant. These awesome boots are weigh only 23oz creating a lightweight feel to a boot that will keep your protected.

One of the most popular boots on the market, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Work Boot is a little bit more expensive than others, but trust me it will not disappoint. This boot will last and will not let you down.

4.       Thorogood Men`s 8 inch Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex

This is a boot with outstanding comfort. And yes, if you want, you can jump around in them too.  Along with that comfort comes maximum support and durability, so you can be confident that your will perform properly on your feet.

Solid leather welted together makes these boots easy to polish and very strong. Reinforced uppers and linings from its core Goodyear Welt Construction process, make theses boots super supportive.

Gen Ex rubber lug outsoles and oil and slip-resistant traction will keep you on your feet and not face first in the dirt. Even in the harshest environments and pounding of long hours, the built in toe cap and heel counter will keep your feet safe and healthy. This boot is moisture-wicking and lightweight, so your feet stay dry and not fatigued. Be in and out of your boots in a jiff with the side-zip feature for ultra quickness at work. This is also a great boot for police and law enforcement officers.

​So remember, if you want comfort, durability and a boot that will support you and your long hours, the Thorogood Men`s 8 inch Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex is an excellent choice.

5.       Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boots

This boot is my personal favorite. I have been a professional firefighter now for 4 years (yes I know not that long) with 2 years of volunteer experience. I have tried, believe it or not, many station boots. I have yet to find a boot that is as comfortable, durable, flexible, supportive, lightweight and affordable than these bardown beauties.

Manufactured from black top of the line oil-tanned leather, the elastic sided Blunstone 510 Slip-On Boots have maximum comfort. Even after long periods of time, these boots hold up from their high-quality material, so you can be confident that they will stay comfortable for a long time. Very water resistant, your feet will stay dry along with its breathability.

They have an excellent insole providing maximum support, so your feet will not get sore and they prevent lower back and knee pain from its ability to absorb shocks and heavy weight transfers. Even with all of its features, your feet will still stay protected. Top protection often sacrifices heavyweight, not the Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boots. They are generously lightweight will not lack in agility and performance.

I have yet to find a boot that has it all and all for a very good price. This boot is affordable and offers everything a firefighter would want from his station boot. For every quality, it doesn’t lack a weakness. Last long out there, and stay protected and comfortable. The Blundstone 510 Slip-On Boot is my favorite, and many other firefighters and emergency personnel around the globe.


So whether you are a probie running around all day cleaning the pissers, putting on coffee, mopping the floors, shining the engines tires, cooking lunch for the boys and taking out the garbage, or you are a 30 year Captain running the show, teaching the youngsters, doing some paperwork, and being the Incident Command on scene, remember that a proper firefighter station boot will go a long way in supporting your feet and your performance in long hours. There are many good options out there for all types of people and feet. It truly is the best job in the world, why not make it a little better, with an awesome pair of firefighter station boots!

Best Firefighter Station Boots