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It is human nature to seek out comfort. When making daily decisions of where to eat or what to wear, comfort plays a large role. We want a comfortable sleep, comfortable clothing, comfortable surroundings, and more. Naturally, when it comes to choosing footwear, comfort is a primary deciding factor. Uncomfortable footwear can cause health problems, hinder productivity and dampen your mood. It is due to this basic human need that we have compiled a selection of the most comfortable tactical boots on the market.

The Advantages of Tactical Boots....

There are many advantages to choosing tactical boots as a part of your footwear arsenal;

most comfortable tactical boots

1. Stability - Tactical boots offer an abundance of stability on uneven terrain and will prevent ankle turns.

2. Foot Room - The toe boxes on tactical boots offer the appropriate and necessary amount of toe room. The majority of running/hiking/etc shoes do not. Running shoes are especially constricting for the feet. They are designed to disable any foot slide within the footwear.

3. Waterproofing or Water-resistance - This quality allows you to easily cross through streams, trek through mud or explore the heaviest rains and snowfalls.

4. Foot Health - Many feet have long term damage from improper footwear. From bunions to corns to physical deformities, tactical footwear does not cause health issues from prolonged wear. Tactical and combat boots are the only type of footwear that has been extensively tested to demonstrate that it will not result in injuries.

5. Lightweight - There is a myth that tactical footwear is heavy and burdensome. Boot manufacturers use the latest technologies to ensure that these boots can be both durable and lightweight.

6. Cheaper - Because tactical footwear is built to last, it ends up being cheaper per mile than any other footwear.

7. Traction - Tactical boots provide slip-resistance and added traction. This is pretty helpful if you plan on being on the move running, jumping or marching.

8. Shock-absorbent - They take the stress off your feet ensuring that every step you take is cushioned. This is especially necessary if you are often walking on hard surfaces.

9. Breathable - Having a boot that breathes, it will prevent odor and moisture buildup.


1. Palladium Women's Pampa Tactical Combat Boot

These beautifully designed, rugged import boots are designed with comfort in mind. They are fabricated with an EVA cushioned footbed and Dri Lex lining. The outside is made from a combination of rubberized full grain leather and nylon. The outsole is molded rubber with a protective rubber toe cap. These boots have earned themselves a 4.5 star rating on Amazon from a lineup of exceptionally satisfied customers. The pricing ranges between $65 and $115 making these fashionable and functional boots a solid investment. Customers have praised these boots for their comfort, durability, appeal, price and quality.

2. New Balance Men's Abyss II 8-Inch Tactical Boot

These New Balance tactical boots are economically priced ranging between $50 and $77 US. They have a 3.8 star review on Amazon. These boots have removable 3 piece inserts and are made for comfort with breathable mesh. They are slip-resistant with rubber soles. Customers like that these boots drain well after wet portaging on canoe trips. They also loved the rubber soles that worked well on slippery rocks, the ankle support, light weight, comfort, and washability. Many customers were unimpressed by water-seepage so that should be taken into consideration before choosing this tactical boot.

3. 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men's Boot

This comfortable tactical boot is constructed with a combination of leather and fabric. It has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and costs between $73 and $230 US. Its full grain leather and nylon construction is moisture wicking and antibacterial, it has a shock mitigation system, polished leather toe, heel and toe reinforcement and cell foam cushioning. Over 500 customers have reviewed this boot, the vast majority of them are thrilled with their purchase. Every category of a great boot is met with this purchase, they are raving about the quality, comfort, usage, durability and style. This tactical boot is a fantastic investment resistant rubber. The boots cost $139 to $149 US and have a 4.3 star Amazon customer rating. Many customers appreciated the minimalist design of the boots as well as the price tag. They are impressed with their light weight and flexibility. Some customers had issues with the fit while others did not like the materials.

4. BLACKHAWK! Men's Ultralight Leather Tactical Boot

These imported tactical boots are fabricated with full grain leather and a synthetic sole. They are water friendly and have a drilled moisture wicking inner liner. It has a 4.6 star rating from happy Amazon customers and comes with a moderate price tag of $23 to $183 US. Customers state that they are comfortable right out of the box, lightweight, and good quality. Many of them especially liked the quick lace up functionality and that they come with another set of laces. One customer did indicate that they were not satisfied with the slip-resistant soles when they are wet or on tile but otherwise these boots have nothing but praise.


most comfortable tactical boots

There are many other comfortable varieties of tactical boot on the market, hopefully you found these products to fit your comfort and quality needs within your specific budget. If you need to continue your search, keep in mind the many factors that will effect your comfort when you are selecting your tactical boot.

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