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When you are in a tough industry requiring hard work, long hours and lots of stress, you need your equipment to be able to hold up even better than you can. What happens if your equipment fails, the job does not get done, money gets lost, or even worse, you get hurt.

Workers need to be able to rely on their equipment just like they rely on one another.  Trust is key. Having the confidence that your shit is going to hold up not only makes you feel better but it will make you more productive through out the day knowing your gear is good to go. In this article we are going to take a look at the top "Longest Lasting Work Boots" out on the market today, so you (the worker) can make a more informed and educated decision on what longest lasting work boot will suit your needs and what the options are available. 

First, lets take a look on what makes a work boot last long...

There are a number of different qualities you need to keep an eye out for when looking for the longest lasting work boots; Some more important than others. Everything from the Toe Build, Sole and Heel, Electrical Protection, Type of Construction, Durability, Weight, Support and even Waterproofing/Insulation, these characteristics of a work boot will all work in harmony to create a boot that has the ability to withstand punishment and last longer then the competition. Let's take a look...

1. Toe Build

It is pretty obvious what the purpose of the toe of any work boot is, to protect your frigging toes! Whether it is a steel toe, aluminum, or composite, the toe build's sole purpose is to stop any falling objects from smashing your lower digits, or kicks to metal poles when your pissed off and had a long day and not regretting it with a broken foot. Here are the options...

​* Steel Toe - The most popular for decades and the original choice for most workers. These offer fantastic protection with a few fall backs. They are much heavier than new and improved composite toes and can also conduct heat, cold, and even electricity. A few things to keep in mind. 

* Composite Toe - Constructed of kevlar, carbon fibre or even plastic, it is a much more popular choice now for a few reasons. Due to not being metal, they do NOT conduct heat, cold or and electrical current. Best of all, you do not have to worry about travelling to mexico after your last shift on Friday, you ain't going to beep going through the metal detectors with these babies!! Just a thought..

* Aluminum Toe - These are good choice for wanting the longest lasting boots because they have the strength and durability of steel toe minus the weight. Only a few set backs; they can conduct heat, cold and electricity like steel toes and are a little beefier.

2. Type of Construction

When it comes to the construction of work boots, there are 3 main processes to doing so. They consist of a cement method, direct attached method and the most common method with a synthetic or leather welt. Now in more detail...

1. Synthetic/Leather Welt - This has been known to be construction type to be able to withstand the most beating and last the longest. Simply put, the upper and lower sole are attached together with a welt in between for a more rugged build. Definitely a good choice to look into if you are looking for the longest lasting working boots. 

2. Direct Attach -  This construction has been known for its comfortable and lightweight results. Many pluses to this design, but maybe not if you are looking for the longest lasting work boot. The use of melted rubber fills a boots mold and through time develops the boots sole. 

3. Cement Method - This method has produced very comfortable boots, keep in mind it is also much cheaper than the other methods which speaks volumes of the over all quality of the boot. It uses a very strong adhesive to connect the boot to its outsole. 

3. Durability

When it comes to the overall quality, or, durability of a work boot, there are many different variables that can determine just how long a work boot can last. What the boot is made of, how it is made, and who makes it. That being said, do not be fooled, just because a big name company makes the boot does not necessarily mean that it will be a long lasting work boot with good durability. Sometimes some of the best quality boots come from manufactures you would not think of, or maybe even know of. 

A solid way to determine whether or not people are happy with the overall quality and durability of a work boot is to check out online reviews on customer websites, including Amazon. You have to remember, there are good finds for good prices out there, but at the end of the day, durability and quality majority of the time will come down to the amount you are willing to spend. Of course you have to factor in what it is you are using the boots for and the amount you use them, that is a given. At the end of the day though, when it comes to the longest lasting work boots you can find, what you pay for is what you get.

4. Waterproofing/Insulation

If you are working in a wet, rainy, mucky environment then you are definitely going to need a waterproof pair of work boots. Waterproof work boots that are actually "waterproof" can be a huge factor when working in places where needed. I myself work on the oil rigs for sometime as a roughneck, and if the work boots i had were not waterproof there is no way I would have been able to work up there. If your feet get wet, they get uncomfortable, cold, you can get athletes foot and can be very unhealthy. 

The same can be said for having proper insulation when working on an oil rig or brutal conditions as such. Minus 40C you are going to want a boot that keeps your feet and little digits warm. If not, its simple, you wont be working and in the end wont be making money. You do not have to sacrifice comfort either when it comes to insulation. Most highly insulated work boots are still very comfortable. 




1. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6 Inch Boot


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Now lets take a look at the top 5 "Longest Lasting Work Boots" available out there today...

1. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6 Inch Boot

This hardcore work boot was constructed in the United States. It has top quality downward stitch welt construction using only the best leather out there, which in turn, gives you many years of wear that are not only extremely comfortable, but extremely durable. The cap toe offers excellent protection so you do not have to worry about any injuries to your little digits down there.

The Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger is a very attractive boot as well, built with an oil-resistant sole and some beautiful stitching, this boot is sure to open your eyes. It has very robust polish hooks and eyelets that are sure to last a very long time and give you the durability needed for a top notch boot. Keep in mind, due to this boot being made of leather, it can be scraped and scuffed up at times, however, you are able to buff and polish these scuffs out with a cloth and shoe polish if you feel the need to clean them up a bit. 

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