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When seeking out the perfect combat boots for you, it will become quickly apparent that you will have a large variety of fits, options, purposes and uses. More often than not, making the correct choice will be the difference between comfort and reliability and becoming disgruntled and uncomfortable due to poor choices or the wrong options. For the purposes of this article, we are going to review some of the best options for waterproof combat boots. Waterproofing is probably one of the most widely sought after options when a person is seeking a functional pair of combat boots. Let's review some of our top selections below;

A little about Combat Boots...

The Origin of Combat Boots..

These boots were originally designed to be worn for military purposes by soldiers during times of combat or training. In modern times, combat boots have been engineered to offer the wearer a combination of foot protection, ankle support and grip. Combat boots should be rugged and weather proof enough to withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. Traditionally combat boots were made of leather but today they have had some hiking technology incorporated into the mix (for example: Gore-Tex nylon).

waterproof combat boots

Combat Boots and Fashion...

These days combat boots are a fashionable accessory choice for many civilians. Whether they are making a statement as a part of their subcultures (goth, punk, industrial, steampunk, etc.) or they are simply seeking a durable, comfortable and useful piece of footwear, combat boot purchases are on the rise. People like the fact that combat boots have a longer lifespan than most hiking boots and can be worn in multiple environments and changing conditions.

Waterproof vs. Water-resistant...

The main factor between these two options is exactly how much protection your feet will get from moisture and water. Water-resistant combat boots will slow the time it takes to infiltrate your boots by saturating its materials. Waterproofed boots on the other hand will physically block the moisture and water from getting your feet wet and infiltrating your footwear.


Tactical and military boot manufacturers will ensure that their product meets requirements for their product. Lab testing will be performed to ensure their product meets the acceptable waterproofing or water-resistant threshold. These tests are called hydro-static head testing. It works by placing a column of water on the product. Once a specific amount of time has passed, a measurement will be taken to ensure that the product can endure a minimum standard of water pressure. testing. A column of water is placed on the product or fabric. A measurement is taken after a designated amount of time has elapsed to see how much water pressure it endures without leaking. This determines how much water pressure the product can handle.

For Water-Resistant Boots: Minimum Standard of 200mm

For Waterproof Boots: Minimum Standard of 1000mm.

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1. Maelstrom Men's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Waterproof Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

These affordable waterproof combat boots are priced at $60 US and have earned themselves an average 3.8 star rating on Amazon.com. They are easthetically pleasing imported waterproof footwear made out of a combination of leather and fabric. The shaft measures 7 inches from the arch, they are designed for long term wear with removeable shock-absorbing cushion inserts as well as a padded tongue and collar for added comfort. They are lightweight and guaranteed to be waterproof due to their waterproof membrane liner. On top of all that, these boots come with a manufacturer warranty. So why do they only have a 3.8 star rating? It was a combination of some customers receiving what we can only assume were faulty products that didn't last them more than one month and others had issues with sizing. These customers were few and far between and most were absolutely thrilled with the quality, price and durability.

2. Forever Women's Broadway-3 Military Lace Up Ankle Boots

These women's combat boots come in a variety of color choices and are affordably priced between $20.99 and $40 US. They are currently carrying a respectable 4.0 star rating on Amazon from over 100 happy customer reviews. The manufacturer warns buyers that these all man made piec

These women's combat boots come in a variety of color choices and are affordably priced between $20.99 and $40 US. They are currently carrying a respectable 4.0 star rating on Amazon from over 100 happy customer reviews. The manufacturer warns buyers that these all man made pieces of footwear run approximately half a size larger than normal. These boots are designed with fashionable faux-leather, 7-eye lace up ankle, padded insole, and are waterproof and slip-resistant. The majority of customers were thrilled with these boots. They were happy with the look, fit and durability. One customer raved that they did not have to take any “sore foot” breaks on hikes. Some unsatisfied customers warned that this is more of a fashion boot and not designed for hard work.

3. UGG Australia Men's Eaglin Boots

These combat boots are designed with high quality materials and are aesthetically pleasing. They do come with a higher price tag ranging from $95 to $207 US depending on color selection but in return they are carrying with them a perfect 5.0 star rating from extremely satisfied Amazon customers. They are designed to be true to US sizing and are made from a combination of Vibram, waterproof leather and waxed canvas. You will be hard pressed to find any customer complaints about these boots. Some customers exclaim that these are hands-down the best boots they have ever owned. One customer mentioned that their boot tongue dug into their ankle. This was the only complaint we discovered, with most customers over the moon for their Eaglin Boots.

4. ALTAI Men's 8" Black Military Boot

Setting the bar high for waterproof combat boots, the ALTAI 8" Tactical boot have exceeded previous standards. Military personnel and law enforcement agencies are very pleased, as these boots offer great breath-ability, highly waterproof, extreme durability, extra comfort, maximum traction and have an athletic feel. The extra comfort comes from the new EVA midsole. A Vibram outsole supplies supreme stability so you can spend less time worried about spraining your ankle on the rugged terrain and focus on your mission. One solid feature is the speed lacing which allows you to get these babies on in no time. You can take these boots almost through anything and not have to worry about mucking them up or damaging the material, thanks to the abrasion and stain resistant superfabric material. A great choice for anyone looking to stay dry while performing a tough job. These boots have received very positive reviews on amazon.com.

5. Belleville Tactical Research Range Runner Boot 6"

These appealing olive green tactical research boots range from pricing between $124 and $192 US. They have a respectable 4.6 star review on Amazon from many satisfied customers. These cattlehide leather and nylon boots have a Vibram sole. They are shock-absorbent, soft, rugged boots are designed for improved mobility and traction in the most rugged terrains. A large majority of customers couldn't be happier with their choice. They are especially pleased with the comfort, waterproofing, durability and aesthetic appeal. Very few customers had any negative remarks, one had an eyelet come loose and another had an issue with sizing. Overall this is a fantastic choice for a waterproof combat boot!

Final Thoughts...

Now that you have a little more knowledge of what to look for when choosing a waterproof combat boot, hopefully you can have a better idea of what boot is for you.  Technology has come very far in the last 10 years and there is a huge variety of makes, styles and qualities. Here at 1stresponsetech.com, our goal is to make your decision an easy one, and take the stress off of not knowing whether or not you are purchasing the proper product to fit your wants and needs. I hope this article has educated you about waterproof combat boots and you can go out there and buy the boot of your desire with confidence. Cheers.

waterproof combat boots


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